Uncover a world of delightful interactions with our collection of This or That Questions.

Whether you’re seeking a casual way to pass the time, deepen connections with friends, or add a playful twist to your conversations, these prompts offer a spectrum of possibilities.This or That Questions

Dive into the list informally, taking turns to explore preferences, or turn it into an entertaining game.

Plus, if you’re looking for family-friendly options, discover our specially crafted This or That Questions for Kids or checkout our compilation of yes-or-no question for a quick round of rapid-fire questions.

Let the choices begin!

Ways You Can Play ‘This or That’ Game

Embark on an exciting journey of connection with these versatile This or That games. Tailored for various group sizes, each variation promises a unique experience.


Mind Reader

Ideal for small groups or pairs, Mind Reader is the ultimate test of how well you know your friends.

Armed with just a coin and a piece of paper, pick up the coin, pose a question, and discreetly place the coin behind the paper.

Choose heads up for the first choice and tails up for the second.

After everyone makes their predictions, unveil the answers.

The revelations promise laughter and surprises!


My Friend, My Clone

Uncover the depths of your similarities and differences with “My Friend, My Clone.”

Read a question silently, formulating your response.

Pose the question to your companion, and if their answer aligns with yours, repeat the process.

If answers diverge, switch roles.

Alternatively, for a quick pace, ask the question and synchronize your responses on the count of three.

This variation offers a dynamic exploration of your shared and unique perspectives.

Whether you’re seeking laughter, insight, or a friendly challenge, these This or That games provide an entertaining backdrop for memorable moments.


List of 620 This or That Question

General This or That Questions

  1. Coffee or tea?
  2. Mountains or beach?
  3. Books or movies?
  4. Morning person or night owl?
  5. Winter or summer?
  6. Dogs or cats?
  7. City life or countryside?
  8. Sweet or savory?
  9. Introvert or extrovert?Introvert or extrovert
  10. Android or iOS?
  11. Pizza or pasta?
  12. Music or podcasts?
  13. Rainy days or sunny days?
  14. Sneakers or sandals?
  15. Comedy or drama?
  16. Netflix or YouTube?
  17. Pancakes or waffles?
  18. Hiking or biking?Hiking or biking
  19. Fiction or non-fiction?
  20. Early bird or late riser?
  21. Cake or ice cream?
  22. Road trip or flight?
  23. Game night or movie night?
  24. Comedy or action movies?
  25. Classical or pop music?
  26. Cooking at home or dining out?
  27. Pen and paper or digital notes?
  28. Baseball or soccer?Baseball or soccer
  29. Vintage or modern?
  30. DIY or buy it ready-made?
  31. Marvel or DC?
  32. Comedy club or music concert?
  33. E-books or physical books?
  34. Salad or fries?
  35. Sunsets or sunrises?
  36. Chocolate or vanilla?
  37. Yoga or jogging?Yoga or jogging
  38. Thriller or mystery?
  39. Camping or hotel stay?
  40. Instagram or Snapchat?
  41. Formal or casual?
  42. Singing or dancing?
  43. Museums or galleries?
  44. Beach vacation or city exploration?
  45. Action or strategy games?
  46. Classic art or contemporary art?Classic art or contemporary art
  47. Star Wars or Star Trek?
  48. Roller coasters or Ferris wheels?
  49. Gardening or home decoration?
  50. Comedy or tragedy?
  51. Stay in or go out?
  52. Paintings or sculptures?
  53. Popcorn or nachos at the movies?
  54. Sunflower or rose?
  55. Board games or card games?
  56. Country or hip-hop music?Country or hip-hop music
  57. Ballet or hip-hop dance?
  58. Online shopping or in-store shopping?
  59. Historical fiction or science fiction?
  60. Hot chocolate or iced coffee?
  61. Jogging or cycling?
  62. High heels or sneakers?
  63. Comedy or romantic novels?
  64. Picnic in the park or dinner at a restaurant?
  65. Tropical vacation or European tour?
  66. Swimming or sunbathing?
  67. Starry night or sunny day?Starry night or sunny day
  68. Stand-up comedy or improv?
  69. Classic literature or contemporary fiction?
  70. Strawberries or blueberries?
  71. Art museum or science museum?
  72. Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad?
  73. Crossword puzzles or Sudoku?
  74. Homemade or store-bought cookies?
  75. Acoustic or electric music?
  76. Tea or hot chocolate?Tea or hot chocolate
  77. Ziplining or rock climbing?
  78. DIY crafts or DIY home improvement?
  79. Jazz or blues music?
  80. Action-adventure or fantasy books?
  81. Car or motorcycle?
  82. Sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds?
  83. Mystery or romance novels?
  84. Skiing or snowboarding?
  85. Gardening or painting?
  86. Watercolor or oil paintings?
  87. Rollerblading or skateboarding?Rollerblading or skateboarding
  88. Mediterranean or Asian cuisine?
  89. Romantic comedy or drama movies?
  90. Comedy roast or stand-up comedy special?

Funny This or That Questions

  1. Sneezing uncontrollably or hiccupping continuously?
  2. Always have a clown following you or a mime imitating you?
  3. Speak in rhyme or speak in riddles?
  4. Eat a handful of wasabi or a teaspoon of hot sauce?
  5. Have a pet dinosaur or a pet unicorn?Have a pet dinosaur or a pet unicorn
  6. Have spaghetti for hair or cotton candy for a beard?
  7. Fight one horse-sized duck or a hundred duck-sized horses?
  8. Always have to sing instead of speaking or dance instead of walking?
  9. Wear clown shoes every day or a clown wig every day?
  10. Have a personal theme song that plays everywhere you go or a laugh track for your life?
  11. Be able to talk to animals but they gossip about you or understand all languages but can only respond in emojis?
  12. Have a nose that glows like Rudolph’s or ears that flap like Dumbo’s?Have a nose that glows like Rudolph’s or ears that flap like Dumbo’s
  13. Accidentally send a text to your boss that was meant for your friend or to your friend that was meant for your boss?
  14. Be a reverse mermaid (fish top, human bottom) or a reverse centaur (human top, horse bottom)?
  15. Be able to teleport but end up in a random embarrassing pose or time travel but only to awkward moments in your life?
  16. Sneezing glitter or farting confetti?
  17. Always have a mullet or a rat tail?
  18. Be chased by a swarm of bees or a flock of seagulls?
  19. Have to wear a onesie for a month or a medieval suit of armor?
  20. Have a personal cloud that follows you, raining on you alone, or a personal sun that shines too brightly only on you?
  21. Eat pizza with a fork and knife or burgers with chopsticks?Eat pizza with a fork and knife or burgers with chopsticks
  22. Communicate only in GIFs or speak in auto-tuned voice?
  23. Have a pet dragon that constantly sets things on fire or a pet zombie that follows you around?
  24. Sneezing every time someone says your name or hiccupping every time someone asks you a question?
  25. Always have to announce your thoughts loudly or speak in pig Latin?
  26. Only be able to whisper or only be able to shout?
  27. Have a rewind button for your life or a pause button for your life?
  28. Wake up every morning thinking it’s the weekend but it’s actually a weekday or always think it’s Monday even if it’s not?
  29. Be constantly followed by a mariachi band or a parade of clowns?
  30. Have a laugh that sounds like a snort or a sneeze that sounds like a horn honk?
  31. Have spaghetti fingers or marshmallow toes?Have spaghetti fingers or marshmallow toes
  32. Eat ketchup on ice cream or mustard on pancakes?
  33. Have a permanent clown nose or a permanent jester hat?
  34. Always have bed hair or always have food in your teeth?
  35. Dance like nobody’s watching, but everyone is, or sing loudly in public thinking you have headphones on?
  36. Have a pet penguin or a pet kangaroo?
  37. Always have a popcorn kernel stuck in your teeth or a tiny rock in your shoe?
  38. Have to wear a onesie to every formal event or a tuxedo to every casual outing?
  39. Have a conversation with Siri or Alexa about your day?
  40. Eat a sandwich made of gummy worms or a burger made of jellybeans?Eat a sandwich made of gummy worms or a burger made of jellybeans
  41. Only be able to communicate through interpretive dance or speak in puns?
  42. Be able to talk to plants but they’re all gossip queens or talk to inanimate objects but they’re all sarcastic?
  43. Have a magical pet that grants wishes but has a bad attitude or a pet that does your chores but is always grumpy?
  44. Have a pet parrot that repeats your every thought or a pet owl that hoots your deepest secrets?
  45. Have to wear clown makeup every day or a chicken costume every Halloween?
  46. Sneezing glitter or coughing bubbles?
  47. Always have mismatched socks or always have your shoes on the wrong feet?
  48. Have spaghetti arms or noodle legs?
  49. Have a permanent clown horn sound when you laugh or a slide whistle sound when you walk?
  50. Eat ice cream with pickles or cookies with ketchup?Eat ice cream with pickles or cookies with ketchup
  51. Have a rewind button for embarrassing moments or a fast-forward button for boring conversations?
  52. Have a personal soundtrack that plays when you enter a room or a laugh track that plays after everything you say?
  53. Eat spaghetti with chopsticks or sushi with a fork?
  54. Have a pet rock that follows you everywhere or a pet cloud that rains on you?
  55. Walk backward for a day or talk backward for a day?
  56. Have a personal fan that follows you everywhere or a personal spotlight that shines on you wherever you go?
  57. Always have to wear squeaky shoes or a bell around your neck?
  58. Eat pizza toppings only or pizza crust only?Eat pizza toppings only or pizza crust only
  59. Have to announce your entrance with a trumpet sound or exit with a drumroll?
  60. Have a talking parrot that only insults you or a talking mirror that compliments you excessively?
  61. Have to wear a hat that constantly changes colors or shoes that make honking sounds with each step?
  62. Speak in movie quotes only or speak in rhyming couplets?
  63. Have a pet snake that tells cheesy jokes or a pet lizard that can breakdance?
  64. Be able to communicate with animals but only if you meow or bark at them?
  65. Have a never-ending hiccups episode or a never-ending sneezing fit?
  66. Eat only foods that start with the letter “B” or foods that end with the letter “Z”?
  67. Always have a balloon tied to your wrist or a kazoo in your pocket?Always have a balloon tied to your wrist or a kazoo in your pocket
  68. Have a permanent milk mustache or a permanent ice cream cone hat?
  69. Eat spaghetti with a spoon or cereal with chopsticks?
  70. Have a personal comedian that follows you or a personal DJ that plays music based on your mood?
  71. Be able to speak all languages but only in pig Latin or speak only in rhyming riddles?
  72. Have a pet hamster that can breakdance or a pet fish that can play the piano?
  73. Have a wardrobe made entirely of costumes or wear your pajamas everywhere?
  74. Have a pet robot that tells dad jokes or a pet alien that speaks in riddles?
  75. Be able to fly but only a few inches above the ground or run at super speed but only in circles?
  76. Eat candy for every meal or Brussels sprouts for every snack?Eat candy for every meal or Brussels sprouts for every snack
  77. Have a pet monkey that mimics your every move or a pet parrot that mimics your voice but in a funny accent?
  78. Always have to wear socks on your hands or gloves on your feet?
  79. Have a talking hat that gives you advice or a talking umbrella that tells jokes?
  80. Speak in emojis only or communicate in GIFs only?
  81. Have a pet dinosaur that insists on being your chauffeur or a pet robot that insists on being your personal chef?
  82. Always have a trail of balloons following you or a trail of ducks?
  83. Be able to communicate with plants but they’re all drama queens or with rocks but they’re all pessimists?
  84. Wear underwear over your clothes or socks with sandals for a week?
  85. Have a personal comedian that narrates your life or a personal chef that critiques your every meal?
  86. Be able to summon confetti at will or have a personal cheering section wherever you go?
  87. Wear a cape for a month or a tiara for a year?Wear a cape for a month or a tiara for a year
  88. Have a pet monkey that plays pranks on you or a pet raccoon that steals your socks?
  89. Always have to wear a clown nose or a chicken hat?
  90. Have a personal fan club that follows you around or a personal paparazzi that documents your every move?

This or That Food Questions

  1. Pizza or tacos?
  2. Pancakes or waffles for breakfast?
  3. Burgers or hot dogs?
  4. Sushi or Thai food?
  5. Chocolate or vanilla ice cream?
  6. Coffee or tea with dessert?
  7. Pasta or rice dishes?Pasta or rice dishes
  8. Sandwiches or wraps?
  9. BBQ chicken or grilled salmon?
  10. Guacamole or salsa?
  11. French fries or onion rings?
  12. Cake or pie for dessert?
  13. Bagels or croissants?
  14. Shrimp or crab?
  15. Nachos or quesadillas?
  16. Fried chicken or chicken tenders?Fried chicken or chicken tenders
  17. Soup or salad?
  18. Macaroni and cheese or lasagna?
  19. Hummus or tzatziki?
  20. Donuts or muffins?
  21. Steak or ribs?
  22. Mashed potatoes or baked potatoes?
  23. Tiramisu or cheesecake?
  24. Tofu or tempeh?
  25. Clam chowder or lobster bisque?
  26. Olive oil or butter in cooking?Olive oil or butter in cooking
  27. Avocado toast or acai bowl?
  28. Popcorn or pretzels at the movies?
  29. Greek yogurt or regular yogurt?
  30. Pineapple on pizza or not?
  31. Baked or fried chicken?
  32. Cinnamon rolls or sticky buns?
  33. Caramel or chocolate-covered apples?
  34. Pad Thai or pho?
  35. Blue cheese or ranch dressing?
  36. Croissant sandwich or baguette sandwich?Croissant sandwich or baguette sandwich
  37. Garlic bread or cheesy breadsticks?
  38. Gumbo or jambalaya?
  39. Ceviche or poke bowl?
  40. Brownies or cookies?
  41. Tuna salad or chicken salad?
  42. Pistachios or almonds?
  43. Eggplant Parmesan or Chicken Parmesan?
  44. Spinach or kale in a salad?
  45. Mango salsa or pineapple salsa?
  46. Paella or risotto?
  47. Popcorn shrimp or coconut shrimp?Popcorn shrimp or coconut shrimp
  48. Biscuits or cornbread?
  49. Margherita pizza or pepperoni pizza?
  50. Pesto or Alfredo sauce?
  51. Pumpkin pie or sweet potato pie?
  52. Baked ziti or spaghetti Bolognese?
  53. Falafel or gyros?
  54. Pita bread or naan?
  55. Artichoke dip or spinach dip?
  56. Lobster roll or shrimp po’boy?
  57. Buffalo wings or boneless wings?Buffalo wings or boneless wings
  58. Quinoa or couscous?
  59. Ratatouille or caprese salad?
  60. Black coffee or coffee with cream and sugar?
  61. Croquettes or arancini?
  62. Pistachio or hazelnut gelato?
  63. Edamame or snap peas?
  64. Caesar salad or Greek salad?
  65. Blueberry pancakes or chocolate chip pancakes?
  66. Beef or veggie stir-fry?
  67. Chocolate-covered strawberries or chocolate-covered bananas?
  68. Cannoli or tiramisu?Cannoli or tiramisu
  69. Pomegranate or watermelon?
  70. Lobster or crab cakes?
  71. Poutine or chili cheese fries?
  72. Miso soup or egg drop soup?
  73. Fajitas or burritos?
  74. Caprese sandwich or BLT?
  75. Brussels sprouts or asparagus?
  76. Cranberry sauce or gravy on Thanksgiving?
  77. Ratatouille or stuffed peppers?
  78. Red velvet cake or carrot cake?
  79. Baked apples or apple pie?
  80. Sweet potato fries or regular fries?
  81. Clam bake or crawfish boil?
  82. Margarita or mojito?
  83. Shrimp scampi or garlic butter shrimp?
  84. Gouda or brie cheese?
  85. Pecan pie or key lime pie?
  86. Chicken pot pie or shepherd’s pie?
  87. Roast beef or pulled pork?
  88. Orange chicken or sweet and sour chicken?Orange chicken or sweet and sour chicken
  89. Almond butter or peanut butter?
  90. Bruschetta or antipasto platter?

Deep This or That Questions

  1. Pursue passion or stability in a career?
  2. Experience love at first sight or a deep, gradual connection?
  3. Embrace change or seek comfort in routine?
  4. Prioritize inner peace or external success?
  5. Value time or money more?
  6. Choose a life of solitude or constant social interaction?Choose a life of solitude or constant social interaction
  7. Embody strength or vulnerability?
  8. Live in the present moment or plan for the future?
  9. Foster deep connections or have a wide social circle?
  10. Pursue knowledge or wisdom?
  11. Face fears head-on or avoid confrontation?
  12. Follow your heart or your head in decision-making?
  13. Choose a life of simplicity or abundance?
  14. Be understood by others or truly understand others?Be understood by others or truly understand others
  15. Pursue justice or mercy in difficult situations?
  16. Seek forgiveness or permission?
  17. Value honesty or kindness more?
  18. Trust intuition or rely on logic?
  19. Embrace vulnerability or maintain emotional independence?
  20. Prioritize self-care or care for others?
  21. Face the truth even if it hurts or embrace comforting illusions?
  22. Value inner beauty or external appearance?
  23. Choose a life of significance or success?Choose a life of significance or success
  24. Embrace solitude or seek constant companionship?
  25. Pursue personal growth or contentment with the present?
  26. Strive for perfection or accept imperfection?
  27. Choose a path of altruism or self-interest?
  28. Value deep conversations or lighthearted banter?
  29. Confront uncomfortable truths or live in blissful ignorance?
  30. Seek knowledge or understanding?
  31. Embrace solitude in nature or the hustle and bustle of the city?
  32. Prioritize emotional intelligence or intellectual intelligence?
  33. Value experiences or possessions more?Value experiences or possessions more
  34. Live authentically or conform to societal expectations?
  35. Seek validation from others or find validation within yourself?
  36. Choose a life of adventure or security?
  37. Embrace vulnerability in relationships or maintain emotional walls?
  38. Pursue happiness or fulfillment?
  39. Value compassion or justice more?
  40. Live to work or work to live?
  41. Choose depth in relationships or breadth in connections?
  42. Confront difficult truths about yourself or remain in denial?
  43. Prioritize the journey or the destination?Prioritize the journey or the destination
  44. Embrace uncertainty or seek predictability?
  45. Value personal freedom or societal harmony?
  46. Live with purpose or seek personal happiness?
  47. Choose a life of contemplation or action?
  48. Face your biggest fear or live with constant anxiety about it?
  49. Value inner peace or outer achievement?
  50. Prioritize self-discovery or understanding others?
  51. Embrace discomfort for growth or stay in your comfort zone?
  52. Choose a path of resilience or avoidance in adversity?
  53. Live with regrets or learn to forgive yourself?Live with regrets or learn to forgive yourself
  54. Value quality or quantity in relationships?
  55. Seek approval from others or trust your instincts?
  56. Choose a life of independence or interdependence?
  57. Embrace the unknown or fear the uncertainty of the future?
  58. Prioritize mental well-being or physical health?
  59. Value individuality or community more?
  60. Live with spontaneity or careful planning?
  61. Choose authenticity or conformity?
  62. Confront your deepest fear or avoid it at all costs?
  63. Pursue self-expression or societal expectations?Pursue self-expression or societal expectations
  64. Value empathy or assertiveness in communication?
  65. Live in the moment or plan for a secure future?
  66. Prioritize personal values or societal norms?
  67. Embrace vulnerability as strength or see it as a weakness?
  68. Choose a life of purpose or a life of pleasure?
  69. Face criticism with resilience or let it affect you deeply?
  70. Value inner harmony or external achievements?
  71. Seek validation from yourself or from others?
  72. Live with passion or with moderation?
  73. Prioritize forgiveness or holding onto grudges?Prioritize forgiveness or holding onto grudges
  74. Embrace discomfort for growth or seek a life of ease?
  75. Choose a life of curiosity or certainty?
  76. Face difficult truths about the world or maintain optimism?
  77. Value freedom or security more?
  78. Live with intention or go with the flow?
  79. Pursue self-acceptance or constant self-improvement?
  80. Prioritize inner happiness or societal approval?
  81. Embrace failure as a learning opportunity or fear it?
  82. Seek solitude for self-reflection or constant social engagement?
  83. Choose a life of selflessness or self-interest?Choose a life of selflessness or self-interest
  84. Value solitude or community for personal growth?
  85. Live with gratitude or ambition?
  86. Prioritize depth in relationships or breadth in experiences?
  87. Embrace vulnerability in creativity or play it safe?
  88. Face your deepest insecurities or avoid them?
  89. Value inner peace or passionate intensity?
  90. Choose a path of introspection or external exploration?

This or That Questions for Couples

  1. Cook together or takeout?
  2. Movie night in or explore a new film at the cinema?
  3. Hiking in the mountains or a leisurely beach walk?
  4. Board games night or a video game marathon?
  5. Plan the future together or savor the present?Plan the future together or savor the present
  6. Share a dessert or each enjoy your own?
  7. Surprises or planned celebrations?
  8. Morning cuddles or evening snuggles?
  9. City life or countryside for a dream home?
  10. Plan a surprise trip or decide together?
  11. Romantic comedy or an action-packed movie?
  12. Sweet texts or handwritten love notes?
  13. Breakfast in bed or a candlelit dinner?Breakfast in bed or a candlelit dinner
  14. Public displays of affection or private moments?
  15. Dancing together or intimate conversations?
  16. Share a playlist or take turns with music?
  17. Homemade dinner or a reservation at a fancy restaurant?
  18. Memory scrapbook or digital photo album?
  19. Romantic gestures or practical help?
  20. Stargazing or city lights view?
  21. Celebrate small victories or major milestones?
  22. Comedy club night or a quiet art gallery?Comedy club night or a quiet art gallery
  23. Road trip or luxury cruise?
  24. Handmade gifts or surprises from the store?
  25. Supportive words or affectionate gestures?
  26. Adventure sports or a relaxing spa day?
  27. Share a blanket or have your own?
  28. Outdoor picnic or an indoor dinner date?
  29. Live concert or a theatre show?
  30. Write love letters or express love verbally?
  31. Theme park thrill rides or a scenic hike?
  32. Create art together or explore museums?Create art together or explore museums
  33. Sunset or sunrise views together?
  34. Explore a new cuisine or stick to favourites?
  35. Attend a sports game or a music festival?
  36. Indoor games night or outdoor sports?
  37. Backpacking adventure or luxury resorts?
  38. Netflix binge-watch or a night of reading?
  39. Dance class or a karaoke night?
  40. Share a hobby or explore individual interests?
  41. Historical sites visit or modern landmarks?
  42. Fancy party or a casual gathering?
  43. Watch a sunrise or stargaze at night?Watch a sunrise or stargaze at night
  44. Couples massage or spa day alone?
  45. Cook a meal together or have a cooking challenge?
  46. Scenic drive or a bike ride?
  47. Outdoor camping or a cozy cabin retreat?
  48. Themed costume party or a formal event?
  49. Winery visit or explore a craft brewery?
  50. DIY home projects or hire professionals?
  51. Long walks or adventurous hikes together?
  52. Send love letters or express love verbally?Send love letters or express love verbally
  53. Build a fort indoors or camp in the backyard?
  54. Live theater show or a comedy club?
  55. Plan a surprise weekend or decide together?
  56. Ice cream date or a coffee shop hangout?
  57. Share a pizza or create your own?
  58. Cooking class together or learn online?
  59. Amusement park or a nature reserve?
  60. Live music concert or a jazz bar?
  61. Dance lessons or spontaneous dancing at home?Dance lessons or spontaneous dancing at home
  62. Farmer’s market visit or explore a high-end mall?
  63. Spontaneous day trip or a planned vacation?
  64. Sports event attendance or cultural festival?
  65. Explore a new hobby together or refine current ones?
  66. Bake together or buy pastries from a bakery?
  67. Video games together or a night of board games?
  68. Technology-free day or a virtual movie night?
  69. Painting class or paint at home together?
  70. Bike ride or a scenic drive?
  71. Scenic train ride or a hot air balloon ride?Scenic train ride or a hot air balloon ride
  72. Comedy show attendance or a poetry reading?
  73. Plan a surprise date or decide together?
  74. Wine and paint night or a spa retreat?
  75. Picnic or a candlelit dinner?
  76. Live music concert or a music festival?
  77. Botanical garden visit or an art gallery exploration?
  78. Cook a meal together or try a cooking competition?
  79. Share a blanket or have separate blankets?Share a blanket or have separate blankets
  80. Dance class or dancing spontaneously at home?

This or That Questions for Adults

  1. Wine or cocktails for a night out?
  2. Netflix binge or a night of board games?
  3. Work hard, play hard, or find a balance?
  4. Book club or movie club?
  5. City living or a peaceful countryside retreat?
  6. Casual brunch or a formal dinner?Casual brunch or a formal dinner
  7. Yoga class or kickboxing?
  8. Coffee shop work session or office environment?
  9. Plan every detail or go with the flow?
  10. Art gallery or live music venue?
  11. Fiction or non-fiction books?
  12. Beach vacation or a mountain getaway?
  13. Financial stability or entrepreneurial risks?
  14. Jazz or rock music?
  15. Cooking at home or dining out?Cooking at home or dining out
  16. Weekend road trip or a relaxing spa day?
  17. Online shopping or exploring local boutiques?
  18. Classic cocktails or trendy mixology?
  19. Thrift shopping or high-end fashion?
  20. Classic literature or contemporary fiction?
  21. Foreign films or Hollywood blockbusters?
  22. Gardening or home improvement projects?
  23. Comedy club or a live theater show?
  24. Solo travel or group adventures?Solo travel or group adventures
  25. Fitness classes or solo workouts?
  26. Ice cream or a cheese platter for dessert?
  27. Wine tasting or craft beer tasting?
  28. Midnight snack or early morning breakfast?
  29. Cooking for pleasure or cooking for survival?
  30. Self-help books or mystery novels?
  31. Mountains or the beach for a home?
  32. Attend a music festival or a food festival?
  33. Online courses or in-person workshops?Online courses or in-person workshops
  34. Vintage or modern furniture style?
  35. Mediterranean or Asian cuisine?
  36. Sunrise or sunset for a romantic moment?
  37. Financial planning or spontaneous spending?
  38. Reading on a Kindle or physical books?
  39. Cityscape or nature views from your window?
  40. Sunday brunch or Friday night dinner plans?
  41. Sci-fi or historical fiction movies?
  42. Minimalist or maximalist home decor?Minimalist or maximalist home decor
  43. Wine and dine or a cozy movie night in?
  44. Running or cycling for exercise?
  45. Camping or glamping for a weekend getaway?
  46. Pool party or intimate dinner gathering?
  47. Staycation or international travel?
  48. Artisanal cocktails or classic favorites?
  49. Photography or painting as a hobby?
  50. Beach picnic or a rooftop dinner?
  51. News junkie or digital detox enthusiast?News junkie or digital detox enthusiastDIY home projects or hire professionals
  52. Luxury spa day or rugged outdoor adventure?
  53. Host a dinner party or be a guest?
  54. Mediterranean or Scandinavian interior design?
  55. Crossword puzzles or Sudoku for brain exercise?
  56. Hot tub or sauna relaxation?
  57. Attend a live sports event or a concert?
  58. Learn a new language or a musical instrument?
  59. City skyline or countryside sunset?
  60. DIY home projects or hire professionalsDIY home projects or hire professionals
  61. Italian or Japanese cuisine?
  62. Romantic comedy or crime thriller?
  63. Modern art or classical paintings?
  64. Attend a TED Talk or a stand-up comedy show?
  65. Black-tie event or a casual get-together?
  66. Sustainable living or tech-driven lifestyle?
  67. Espresso or a French press coffee?
  68. Jazz bar or a rock concert venue?
  69. Plan meticulously or spontaneous decisions?Plan meticulously or spontaneous decisions
  70. Mediterranean cruise or an Alaskan cruise?
  71. Plant-based diet or a carnivorous feast?
  72. Attend a writing workshop or a photography class?
  73. Whiskey tasting or wine pairing?
  74. Scenic train journey or a private jet ride?
  75. Attend a lecture on philosophy or science?
  76. Join a wine club or a book club?
  77. Renovate an old house or build a new one?
  78. Mediterranean or Caribbean beach vacation?Mediterranean or Caribbean beach vacation
  79. Take a cooking class or a dance class?
  80. City bike tour or mountain biking adventure?
  81. Starry night camping or luxury glamping?
  82. Modern dance or salsa dancing?
  83. Urban rooftop garden or a countryside orchard?
  84. Live theater or a Broadway show?
  85. Mixology class or wine blending workshop?
  86. Weekend spa retreat or a solo meditation retreat?
  87. Street food exploration or fine dining experience?Street food exploration or fine dining experience
  88. Urban loft living or suburban house with a garden?
  89. Outdoor music festival or indoor jazz club?
  90. Join a running club or a cycling group?

This or That Travel Questions

  1. Beach vacation or mountain retreat?
  2. City exploration or countryside relaxation?
  3. Solo travel or group adventures?
  4. Road trip or luxury cruise?
  5. Historical sites or natural wonders?
  6. Backpacking through Europe or an Asian adventure?
  7. Cultural immersion or beach relaxation?Cultural immersion or beach relaxation
  8. Adventure sports in New Zealand or a spa retreat in Bali?
  9. Camping under the stars or a five-star hotel?
  10. Ski resort or tropical island getaway?
  11. Train journey through scenic landscapes or a flight to your destination?
  12. Local street food or fine dining experiences?
  13. Budget backpacking or luxury travel?
  14. Digital detox in nature or a tech-filled city escape?
  15. Plan every detail or go with the flow?
  16. Sustainable travel or luxury indulgence?
  17. Explore a new country every year or revisit favorite destinations?
  18. Landmarks and tourist spots or off-the-beaten-path exploration?
  19. Photography trip or writing retreat?Photography trip or writing retreat
  20. Northern Lights in Iceland or the Southern Lights in Australia?
  21. Beach picnic or a mountain picnic?
  22. Visit a bustling market or a serene garden?
  23. Hot air balloon ride or a helicopter tour?
  24. Cruise through fjords or sail through the Mediterranean?
  25. Wildlife safari in Africa or a journey to the Galápagos Islands?
  26. Cultural festivals or natural events like cherry blossoms?
  27. Travel by train or by car for a scenic road trip?
  28. Volunteer travel or educational tours?Volunteer travel or educational tours
  29. Explore ancient ruins or modern architecture?
  30. Attend a local cooking class or dine at a famous restaurant?
  31. Art and history museums or science and technology exhibits?
  32. Desert oasis or lush rainforest adventure?
  33. Visit a famous theme park or a local amusement park?
  34. Scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef or snorkeling in the Maldives?
  35. Cruise through the Alaskan wilderness or sail through the Caribbean?
  36. Cruise down the Nile or a gondola ride in Venice?
  37. City skyline views or countryside landscapes?
  38. Camping in national parks or glamping in luxury tents?
  39. Attend a music festival in a foreign country or a local concert?
  40. Explore by walking or rent a bike to tour the city?Explore by walking or rent a bike to tour the city
  41. Sunrise at the Grand Canyon or sunset at Santorini?
  42. Local homestay or international hotel chains?
  43. Travel by a classic train like the Orient Express or a high-speed bullet train?
  44. Visit iconic landmarks or hidden gems?
  45. Visit a local market or explore high-end shopping districts?
  46. Skiing in the Swiss Alps or surfing in Hawaii?
  47. Travel with just a carry-on or check in a suitcase?
  48. Attend a street food festival or a gourmet food and wine event?
  49. Explore ancient castles or modern art installations?Explore ancient castles or modern art installations
  50. Join a guided tour or self-guided exploration?
  51. Explore a new city or return to a favorite destination?
  52. Mountain biking or hiking in national parks?
  53. Sleep under the stars in a tent or stay in a cozy cabin?
  54. Travel to historical sites or literary-inspired destinations?
  55. Explore tropical rainforests or arid deserts?
  56. Join a cultural dance class or a local music performance?
  57. Cruise the Mediterranean or a river cruise in Europe?
  58. Stroll through botanical gardens or visit wildlife sanctuaries?
  59. Visit bustling cities or serene island getaways?
  60. Attend a local festival or a major international event?Attend a local festival or a major international event
  61. Stay in an overwater bungalow or a mountain chalet?
  62. Explore ancient temples or modern art museums?
  63. Travel during peak seasons or off-peak for fewer crowds?
  64. Road trip through iconic routes like Route 66 or the Pacific Coast Highway?
  65. Cruise along the Amazon River or the Mekong River?
  66. Experience Carnival in Rio de Janeiro or Mardi Gras in New Orleans?
  67. Stay in a traditional ryokan in Japan or a luxurious spa resort?
  68. Explore the Australian Outback or the Swiss Alps?
  69. Attend a traditional tea ceremony or enjoy a coffee tasting?Attend a traditional tea ceremony or enjoy a coffee tasting
  70. Stay in a historic castle or a contemporary skyscraper hotel?
  71. Take a scenic train journey or a hot air balloon ride?
  72. Visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites or underrated local gems?
  73. Explore ancient civilizations or indigenous cultures?
  74. Visit the Arctic Circle or Antarctica for a polar adventure?
  75. Dive into the Great Blue Hole or snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef?
  76. Backpacking through Southeast Asia or a Eurotrip?
  77. Attend a film festival in Cannes or Sundance?
  78. Skiing in the Rockies or surfing on the Gold Coast?
  79. Visit vibrant markets in Marrakech or Tokyo’s electronic districts?
  80. Hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu or explore the Great Wall of China?
  81. Attend a local beer festival or a wine tasting tour?Attend a local beer festival or a wine tasting tour
  82. Explore the Scottish Highlands or the Italian countryside?
  83. Take a scenic drive along the Amalfi Coast or the Pacific Highway?
  84. Explore ancient Greek ruins or Roman historical sites?
  85. Visit the Taj Mahal or the Great Sphinx of Giza?
  86. Cruise the Norwegian fjords or the Greek Islands?
  87. Hike to Everest Base Camp or trek through Patagonia?
  88. Attend a local music festival or a global EDM event?
  89. Visit the Louvre in Paris or the Uffizi Gallery in Florence?Visit the Louvre in Paris or the Uffizi Gallery in Florence
  90. Travel by a classic camper van or a luxurious RV?

Other Conversation Games