“Never Have I Ever” – a phrase that sparks curiosity and unveils stories.

Have you ever considered the potential of this simple game to transform your social interactions?

Beyond a mere icebreaker, it has the power to reveal intriguing and unexpected details about friends, even those you thought you knew inside out.

Are you ready to explore the entertaining depths of this game and discover a new dimension to your connections?

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Here’s a friendly reminder: Choose your questions wisely. It’s all about creating a fun atmosphere, so refrain from delving into intensely personal territory, especially with those you’ve just met.

Never Have I Ever Rules

Curious about playing “Never Have I Ever” but not sure where to start?

There are two delightful ways to explore this social game, each catering to different preferences and comfort levels.

1. The (Non-Drinking) Points Game

Begin with the classic points version.

Form a circle, share your “Never Have I Ever” moments, and lose points for every relatable statement.

It’s a race to keep your ten points, with the last person standing claiming victory.

And remember, if you’re the sole match to a statement, get ready to spill the details of your unique experience.

2. The Drinking Game

For a more spirited version, opt for the drinking game.

Sit in a circle, initiate with a “Never Have I Ever” statement, and watch as participants take sips for shared experiences.

No clear winner here, but be cautious – the game often concludes when the drinks flow a little too freely or the questions hit a bit too close to home.

A Word of Caution

If you’re indulging in the drinking game, keep things responsible.

Too much can lead to unexpected outcomes. And remember, questions have power, so use them wisely to ensure the game remains a fun and enjoyable experience.

Above All, Keep it Light

Whether you’re counting points or sipping drinks, the essence of “Never Have I Ever” is to have fun, strengthen connections, and unearth fascinating stories about your friends.

So, create an atmosphere of laughter, steer clear of overly serious topics, and let the game unfold as a lighthearted journey into the lives of those around you.

Ready to embark on the “Never Have I Ever” adventure? Let the games begin!

List of 104 Never have I ever Questions

1. Never have I ever accidentally sent a text to the wrong person.

Sending a text to the wrong person can lead to awkward situations or unexpected conversations. Whether it was a message meant for a friend but ended up in your boss’s inbox, or a flirtatious text to your sibling, this common digital mishap has caused many to double-check recipients before hitting “send.”

2. Never have I ever gone skinny dipping.

The allure of skinny dipping is a classic summer adventure, with the thrill of swimming in the nude under the moonlight or in a secluded spot. Whether it’s a daring escapade during a beach vacation or a spontaneous plunge into a friend’s pool, those who have experienced the freedom of skinny dipping often have amusing and liberating tales to share.

3. Never have I ever played a musical instrument in front of an audience.

Performing music in front of an audience can be both exhilarating and nerve-wracking. Whether it was a school recital, an open mic night, or a gig at a local venue, playing a musical instrument in front of others is a milestone that many musicians cherish, accompanied by the butterflies in the stomach that come with a live performance.

4. Never have I ever had a paranormal encounter.

The realm of the paranormal is vast and intriguing. Those who claim to have had supernatural experiences, whether it’s encountering ghosts, witnessing unexplained phenomena, or feeling an otherworldly presence, often have captivating and eerie stories that leave others questioning the mysteries of the unknown.

5. Never have I ever traveled to a different continent.

Venturing beyond one’s familiar surroundings and exploring a different continent is a remarkable experience that broadens perspectives. Whether it’s discovering the historical wonders of Europe, the vibrant cultures of Asia, or the diverse landscapes of Africa, international travel opens doors to new adventures, challenges, and unforgettable memories.

6. Never have I ever stayed up all night playing video games.

Embarking on an epic gaming marathon that stretches into the early hours of the morning is a shared experience for many. Whether driven by the pursuit of victory, completing a challenging level, or simply losing track of time, staying up all night immersed in the virtual realm is a tale that resonates with gamers of all ages.

7. Never have I ever been in a food eating contest.

Food eating contests are both amusing and stomach-churning spectacles. Whether it’s devouring a colossal burger or racing to finish a mountain of hot wings, participants in these competitions often have entertaining stories of competitive eating, stomachaches, and the quest for culinary glory.

8. Never have I ever gone camping in the wilderness.

Camping in the wilderness offers a chance to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Whether it’s sleeping under the stars, cooking over a campfire, or encountering wildlife, those who have embraced the serenity of the great outdoors have tales of adventure, resilience, and the beauty of nature.

9. Never have I ever participated in a flash mob.

The unexpected spectacle of a flash mob can turn an ordinary day into a memorable event. Whether dancing in a crowded mall or singing in a busy square, flash mob participants share a unique bond and stories of clandestine rehearsals, surprise performances, and the joy of bringing spontaneous entertainment to unsuspecting onlookers.

10. Never have I ever won a contest or competition.

Achieving victory in a contest or competition brings a sense of accomplishment and often a rush of excitement. Whether it’s winning a sports tournament, a talent show, or a board game competition, those who have tasted success have stories of strategic moves, unexpected triumphs, and the sweet taste of being the ultimate winner.

11. Never have I ever had a pet reptile.

Owning a pet reptile adds a unique dimension to the world of animal companionship. Whether it’s a lizard, snake, or turtle, those who have shared their homes with these scaly friends have stories of unconventional pets, intriguing habitats, and the occasional challenges of caring for cold-blooded companions.

12. Never have I ever ridden a motorcycle.

The exhilarating freedom of riding a motorcycle is an experience that resonates with riders and enthusiasts alike. Whether cruising on open roads, feeling the wind in their hair, or navigating through traffic, motorcycle riders share stories of the thrill, camaraderie, and the unique culture that comes with life on two wheels.

13. Never have I ever been caught skipping school.

The thrill of skipping school often comes with the risk of getting caught. Whether sneaking away for a day of adventure or simply needing a mental health break, those who have been caught skipping class have tales of close calls, unexpected encounters, and the consequences of daring to break the school routine.

14. Never have I ever had a near-death experience.

Surviving a near-death experience is a profound and transformative event. Whether it’s a car accident, a medical emergency, or a close call in nature, those who have faced the fragility of life share stories of reflection, gratitude, and the enduring impact of moments that bring mortality into sharp focus.

15. Never have I ever ridden a horse.

The timeless allure of horseback riding connects people to nature and the majestic beauty of these noble creatures. Whether it’s a leisurely trail ride, an adventurous gallop, or the first-time jitters of mounting a horse, those who have experienced the joy of riding share stories of connection, trust, and the rhythmic harmony of horse and rider.

16. Never have I ever participated in a protest.

Joining a protest is a powerful expression of civic engagement and advocacy. Whether marching for social justice, environmental causes, or political change, protesters share stories of solidarity, passion, and the shared belief in making their voices heard for a better world.

17. Never have I ever gone rock climbing.

Rock climbing is a physical and mental challenge that beckons adventurers to conquer vertical heights. Whether scaling natural rock formations or indoor climbing walls, enthusiasts share stories of conquering fears, overcoming obstacles, and the exhilaration of reaching the summit.

18. Never have I ever been on a hot air balloon ride.

Soaring high above the earth in a hot air balloon offers a unique perspective and a serene sense of floating through the sky. Whether drifting over scenic landscapes, cityscapes, or natural wonders, those who have experienced the magic of hot air balloon rides share tales of breathtaking views, tranquility, and the romance of flight.

19. Never have I ever gone on a road trip with friends.

Embarking on a road trip with friends is a classic adventure filled with laughter, music, and the freedom to explore. Whether it’s a cross-country journey, a weekend getaway, or a spontaneous detour, road trippers share stories of camaraderie, unexpected discoveries, and the timeless joy of hitting the open road.

20. Never have I ever learned to juggle.

Mastering the art of juggling is a skill that combines coordination, patience, and a dash of showmanship. Whether it’s juggling balls, clubs, or even flaming torches, those who have learned this entertaining skill share stories of dropping the ball (literally), persevering through practice, and the delight of impressing friends with their newfound juggling prowess.Top of Form

21. Never have I ever gone snorkeling.

Exploring the underwater world through snorkeling is an adventure filled with vibrant marine life and breathtaking coral reefs. Whether it’s navigating crystal-clear waters in tropical destinations or encountering curious sea creatures, those who have gone snorkeling share tales of underwater exploration, awe-inspiring encounters, and the serene beauty of the ocean’s depths.

22. Never have I ever had a crush on a teacher.

Ah, the classic crush on a teacher—an experience shared by many students during their academic journey. Whether it’s a fleeting infatuation with a charismatic educator or a long-standing admiration for a mentor, those who have harbored a schoolgirl or schoolboy crush reveal stories of secret glances, daydreams, and the mix of innocence and nostalgia that comes with those formative years.

23. Never have I ever had a tattoo removed.

The decision to remove a tattoo often involves a change of heart, evolving tastes, or the desire to erase a piece of the past. Whether it’s a name, a symbol, or an artistic choice, those who have undergone tattoo removal share stories of the process, the pain, and the personal growth that accompanies the decision to bid farewell to permanent ink.

24. Never have I ever ridden a roller coaster backward.

Riding a roller coaster backward adds an extra twist of adrenaline to the theme park experience. Whether it’s the disorienting loops, unexpected drops, or the sheer thrill of going backward at high speeds, roller coaster enthusiasts share stories of facing the unknown, conquering fears, and the exhilaration that comes with defying gravity.

25. Never have I ever been to a comic convention.

Comic conventions are vibrant gatherings of pop culture enthusiasts, cosplayers, and avid fans of comics, movies, and TV shows. Whether it’s meeting favorite artists, attending panels, or navigating crowded exhibition halls, those who have experienced comic conventions share tales of fandom, creativity, and the sense of belonging in a community that celebrates the fantastical.

26. Never have I ever been on a cruise.

Setting sail on a cruise offers a unique blend of relaxation, adventure, and exploration. Whether cruising through tropical waters, historic ports, or icy fjords, those who have embarked on cruise journeys share stories of onboard entertainment, exotic destinations, and the unforgettable experiences that come with life at sea.

  1. Never have I ever gone ice skating.

Gliding on ice with the crisp winter air around is a quintessential cold-weather activity. Whether it’s twirling on a frozen pond, attempting figure eights at a local rink, or joining friends for a playful ice-skating session, those who have experienced the magic of ice skating share stories of wobbly first steps, graceful maneuvers, and the camaraderie of winter sports.

28. Never have I ever won a game of chess.

Mastering the strategic game of chess requires foresight, planning, and a bit of cunning. Whether it’s a hard-fought victory against a skilled opponent or a surprising checkmate, those who have won at chess share stories of strategic triumphs, calculated moves, and the satisfaction that comes with outsmarting an adversary on the board.

29. Never have I ever been to a music festival.

Music festivals are immersive celebrations of sound, culture, and communal spirit. Whether reveling in the beats of favorite bands, camping under the stars, or dancing in a sea of festival-goers, those who have attended music festivals share tales of vibrant performances, unexpected connections, and the indescribable energy that defines the festival experience.

30. Never have I ever gone ziplining.

Ziplining offers an exhilarating way to experience the thrill of flight and witness stunning landscapes from above. Whether soaring through treetops, over canyons, or across scenic vistas, those who have embraced the adventure of ziplining share stories of adrenaline rushes, breathtaking views, and the courage it takes to take that leap into the unknown.

31. Never have I ever had a celebrity crush.

Celebrity crushes are a universal experience, sparking infatuations with actors, musicians, or public figures. Whether it’s a poster on the bedroom wall, attending concerts, or following a favorite star on social media, those who have had celebrity crushes share stories of fandom, star-struck moments, and the whimsical allure of fantasy connections with the famous.

32. Never have I ever gone to a foreign language-speaking country without knowing the language.

Traveling to a foreign language-speaking country without fluency in the local language adds an adventurous twist to the journey. Whether navigating through language barriers, relying on gestures, or experiencing delightful misunderstandings, those who have explored unfamiliar territories share stories of cultural immersion, linguistic challenges, and the universal language of shared experiences.

33. Never have I ever had a surprise encounter with a wild animal.

Encountering a wild animal unexpectedly can be a thrilling and sometimes unnerving experience. Whether stumbling upon wildlife during a hike, camping trip, or exploring nature reserves, those who have had surprise encounters with wild animals share tales of awe, caution, and the profound connection to the untamed beauty of the natural world.

34. Never have I ever been on a blind date.

Blind dates are a mix of anticipation, nerves, and the potential for unexpected connections. Whether set up by friends, family, or through online platforms, those who have experienced blind dates share stories of first impressions, awkward moments, and the unpredictable journey of meeting someone new without prior knowledge.

35. Never have I ever gone on a camping trip with no technology.

Camping without technology offers a chance to disconnect from screens and immerse oneself in the simplicity of nature. Whether spending nights around a campfire, stargazing without distractions, or embracing the tranquility of the great outdoors, those who have gone on technology-free camping trips share stories of reconnection, mindfulness, and the beauty of unplugging.

36. Never have I ever ridden a mechanical bull.

Riding a mechanical bull combines elements of skill, balance, and a good dose of humor. Whether attempting to stay mounted for as long as possible or succumbing to a bucking challenge, those who have ridden a mechanical bull share stories of laughter, unexpected moves, and the exhilarating experience of taming the mechanical beast.

37. Never have I ever been caught in a rainstorm without an umbrella.

Getting caught in a rainstorm without an umbrella is a shared experience of dashing for cover, embracing the rain, or simply resigning to getting wet. Whether navigating through urban streets or being surprised on a countryside hike, those who have braved rainstorms without shelter share stories of soggy adventures, spontaneous joy, and the refreshing feeling of nature’s shower.

38. Never have I ever gone on a hot air balloon ride.

Soaring above landscapes in a hot air balloon provides a serene and majestic perspective. Whether floating over picturesque landscapes, cityscapes, or natural wonders, those who have experienced hot air balloon rides share stories of breathtaking views, gentle ascents, and the tranquility that comes with drifting through the sky.

39. Never have I ever gone on a spontaneous road trip.

Spontaneous road trips are an adventurous pursuit of the unknown, fueled by the open road and a sense of wanderlust. Whether embarking on a last-minute getaway with friends, taking impromptu detours, or discovering hidden gems along the way, those who have gone on spontaneous road trips share tales of freedom, exploration, and the thrill of the unplanned journey.

40. Never have I ever had a friend set me up on a date.

Being set up on a date by a friend introduces an element of trust, anticipation, and the possibility of a meaningful connection. Whether the blind date leads to romance, friendship, or amusing anecdotes, those who have had friends play matchmaker share stories of introductions, first impressions, and the unpredictable dynamics of navigating a date set up by someone close.

41. Never have I ever gone paddleboarding.

Paddleboarding combines tranquility and balance as participants navigate serene waters atop a board. Whether gliding along calm lakes, exploring coastal shorelines, or attempting yoga poses on the water, those who have tried paddleboarding share stories of scenic adventures, unexpected splashes, and the blissful connection to nature.

42. Never have I ever tried an extreme sport like skydiving or base jumping.

Venturing into the realm of extreme sports, such as skydiving or base jumping, is a leap into adrenaline-fueled excitement. Whether free-falling from a plane or leaping off cliffs, those who have embraced extreme sports share stories of heart-pounding moments, breathtaking views, and the indescribable rush that comes with defying gravity.

43. Never have I ever had a crush on a coworker.

Workplace crushes add a layer of complexity to professional dynamics. Whether navigating office interactions, keeping feelings discreet, or deciding to act on romantic inclinations, those who have experienced crushes on coworkers share stories of discreet glances, office flirtations, and the delicate dance of balancing professional and personal boundaries.

44. Never have I ever gone to a masquerade ball.

Masquerade balls evoke an air of mystery and elegance, with attendees adorned in elaborate masks and formal attire. Whether dancing the night away in a grand ballroom or reveling in the intrigue of hidden identities, those who have attended masquerade balls share tales of enchanting evenings, secret encounters, and the allure of masked sophistication.

45. Never have I ever been to a speed dating event.

Speed dating events offer a fast-paced approach to meeting potential romantic interests. Whether engaging in rapid-fire conversations, assessing compatibility in brief encounters, or navigating the highs and lows of quick connections, those who have participated in speed dating share stories of rapid romance, memorable conversations, and the quest for love at accelerated speeds.

46. Never have I ever gone parasailing.

Soaring above the water while tethered to a parachute, parasailing provides a unique aerial perspective. Whether taking off from sandy beaches or being lifted from boats, those who have experienced parasailing share stories of breathtaking views, the rush of takeoff, and the serene glide above coastal landscapes.

47. Never have I ever been in a flash flood.

Encountering a flash flood is a sudden and intense experience that brings challenges and unexpected dangers. Whether navigating through rising waters, seeking higher ground, or witnessing the power of nature’s force, those who have been in flash floods share stories of resilience, caution, and the unpredictable nature of weather events.

48. Never have I ever performed on a stage in front of a large audience.

Taking the spotlight on stage in front of a large audience is a transformative and often nerve-wracking experience. Whether delivering a speech, showcasing talents, or performing in theatrical productions, those who have graced the stage share stories of adrenaline-fueled performances, overcoming stage fright, and the applause that follows a captivating presentation.

49. Never have I ever gone to a costume party dressed as a famous person.

Costume parties offer the chance to transform into beloved characters or famous personalities. Whether channeling historical figures, movie icons, or pop culture legends, those who have attended costume parties dressed as famous people share stories of creative disguises, amusing encounters, and the playful spirit of embodying someone iconic for a night.

50. Never have I ever gone white-water rafting.

White-water rafting plunges adventurers into the heart of rushing rapids and cascading waters. Whether navigating through turbulent currents, paddling as a team, or experiencing the thrill of challenging rapids, those who have gone white-water rafting share tales of exhilarating journeys, teamwork, and the unforgettable rush of conquering nature’s powerful currents.

51. Never have I ever been on a double date.

Double dates add a social dynamic to romantic outings, offering the opportunity for shared experiences and mutual connections. Whether enjoying dinner, engaging in activities, or navigating the intricacies of group dynamics, those who have been on double dates share stories of camaraderie, laughter, and the unique dynamics of dual romantic outings.

52. Never have I ever gone windsurfing.

Windsurfing combines the elements of wind and water, creating a dynamic and exhilarating aquatic experience. Whether harnessing the breeze to glide across waves or mastering the art of balance, those who have gone windsurfing share stories of windswept adventures, waterborne maneuvers, and the sheer joy of riding the wind.

53. Never have I ever been in a limousine.

Riding in a limousine adds an air of luxury and glamour to special occasions. Whether attending prom, celebrating milestones, or enjoying a night on the town, those who have experienced limousine rides share stories of sleek transportation, lavish interiors, and the indulgence of traveling in style.

54. Never have I ever gone on a blindfolded date.

Blindfolded dates introduce an element of surprise and mystery to the dating experience. Whether relying on senses other than sight, engaging in unconventional activities, or navigating the unknown with a sense of curiosity, those who have gone on blindfolded dates share stories of unexpected connections, laughter, and the thrill of embracing the unexpected.

55. Never have I ever participated in a mud run or obstacle course race.

Mud runs and obstacle course races challenge participants with physical hurdles and muddy terrains. Whether conquering climbing walls, crawling through mud pits, or navigating challenging obstacles, those who have taken on mud runs share tales of endurance, camaraderie, and the muddy triumphs that come with conquering each obstacle.

56. Never have I ever been to a professional sporting event.

Attending a professional sporting event brings the excitement of live competition, cheering crowds, and the electric atmosphere of the stadium. Whether supporting favorite teams, witnessing memorable plays, or soaking in the energy of the crowd, those who have been to professional sporting events share stories of fandom, camaraderie, and the unforgettable moments etched in sports history.

57. Never have I ever gone on a food tasting tour.

Food tasting tours offer a culinary exploration of diverse flavors, dishes, and local delicacies. Whether strolling through markets, sampling street food, or indulging in gourmet treats, those who have gone on food tasting tours share stories of gastronomic adventures, unexpected discoveries, and the delightful journey of savoring a variety of culinary delights.

58. Never have I ever gone deep-sea fishing.

Deep-sea fishing ventures into open waters in pursuit of marine treasures. Whether casting lines for big game fish, experiencing the thrill of a catch, or simply enjoying the ocean breeze, those who have gone deep-sea fishing share tales of maritime excursions, the anticipation of a big catch, and the connection to the vastness of the sea.

59. Never have I ever had a crush on a fictional character.

Falling for fictional characters is a testament to the compelling narratives and imaginary worlds created in literature, movies, or TV shows. Whether developing a crush on a literary hero, a cinematic icon, or a character from a beloved series, those who have had crushes on fictional characters share stories of imaginative infatuations, daydreams, and the enduring allure of make-believe romances.

60. Never have I ever gone on a spontaneous trip to another city.

Spontaneous trips to other cities are impromptu adventures fueled by wanderlust and a sense of adventure. Whether embarking on last-minute getaways, exploring new destinations on a whim, or embracing the thrill of the unknown, those who have gone on spontaneous trips to other cities share stories of unplanned journeys, unexpected discoveries, and the liberating spirit of spontaneous travel.

61. Never have I ever been on a helicopter ride.

Soaring above landscapes in a helicopter offers a bird’s-eye view and a sense of adventure. Whether hovering over city skylines, exploring scenic vistas, or witnessing natural wonders from the air, those who have experienced helicopter rides share stories of breathtaking perspectives, thrilling takeoffs, and the unique joy of flight.

62. Never have I ever gone to a stand-up comedy show.

Attending a stand-up comedy show promises an evening filled with laughter, wit, and comedic performances. Whether enjoying the humor of seasoned comedians or discovering new talents at local clubs, those who have been to stand-up comedy shows share stories of memorable punchlines, infectious laughter, and the universal joy of a good laugh.

63. Never have I ever gone spelunking or cave exploring.

Delving into the depths of caves and caverns during spelunking adventures presents a unique blend of exploration and subterranean beauty. Whether navigating through narrow passages, marveling at stalactites and stalagmites, or discovering hidden chambers, those who have gone cave exploring share stories of underground wonders, dimly lit passages, and the thrill of venturing into the unknown.

64. Never have I ever had a friend bail me out of a sticky situation.

Relying on a friend to bail you out of a sticky situation adds a layer of camaraderie and trust to friendships. Whether facing challenges, navigating tricky circumstances, or needing a helping hand, those who have been bailed out by friends share stories of loyalty, support, and the bonds that strengthen during times of need.

65. Never have I ever gone on a blind date arranged by my parents.

Parents playing matchmaker by arranging blind dates introduces familial involvement in romantic pursuits. Whether approached with trepidation or embraced with an open mind, those who have experienced blind dates set up by their parents share stories of familial matchmaking, unexpected connections, and the intersection of family dynamics with personal relationships.

66. Never have I ever ridden a Segway.

Riding a Segway offers a unique mode of transportation, blending technology and mobility. Whether gliding through city streets, navigating parks, or joining Segway tours, those who have ridden Segways share stories of balancing on two wheels, mastering the controls, and the futuristic feel of cruising on a self-balancing electric scooter.

67. Never have I ever been on a midnight movie premiere.

Attending a midnight movie premiere creates an atmosphere of anticipation, fandom, and excitement. Whether queuing up for the latest blockbuster release, participating in themed events, or dressing up as beloved characters, those who have experienced midnight movie premieres share stories of cinematic celebrations, enthusiastic crowds, and the thrill of being among the first to witness cinematic magic.

68. Never have I ever gone on a camping trip with no access to a bathroom.

Camping trips without access to traditional bathrooms bring a rustic and back-to-nature experience. Whether utilizing improvised outdoor facilities, embracing the simplicity of nature’s call, or navigating the challenges of wilderness hygiene, those who have camped without bathroom amenities share stories of outdoor adventures, resourcefulness, and the liberating aspects of roughing it.

69. Never have I ever taken a selfie with a celebrity.

Capturing a moment with a celebrity through a selfie is a modern-day brush with fame. Whether meeting idols at events, chance encounters, or seeking out famous faces, those who have taken selfies with celebrities share stories of star-struck moments, brief connections, and the excitement of immortalizing a celebrity encounter through a photograph.

70. Never have I ever gone on a hiking trip in the mountains.

Hiking in the mountains offers breathtaking vistas, challenging trails, and a connection to nature’s grandeur. Whether summiting peaks, traversing alpine landscapes, or witnessing stunning views, those who have embarked on mountain hiking trips share stories of altitude adventures, perseverance, and the awe-inspiring beauty of elevated terrains.

71. Never have I ever participated in a silent disco.

Silent discos provide a unique and immersive musical experience where participants dance to music transmitted through wireless headphones. Whether grooving in sync with a crowd, switching between channels, or witnessing the spectacle of a quiet dance floor, those who have participated in silent discos share stories of synchronized movements, communal vibes, and the peculiar joy of dancing in silence.

72. Never have I ever ridden a hot air balloon.

Soaring peacefully in a hot air balloon offers a serene and majestic view of landscapes below. Whether floating above scenic landscapes, city skylines, or natural wonders, those who have experienced hot air balloon rides share stories of gentle ascents, panoramic views, and the tranquil beauty that accompanies drifting through the sky.

73. Never have I ever been caught in a snowstorm without proper clothing.

Encountering a snowstorm without adequate clothing presents challenges of endurance and preparedness. Whether facing unexpected weather changes, seeking shelter from biting cold, or navigating wintry conditions, those who have been caught in snowstorms share stories of resilience, frigid adventures, and the importance of winter preparedness.

74. Never have I ever gone to a haunted house.

Visiting a haunted house brings an immersive and spooky experience filled with scares and surprises. Whether exploring haunted attractions during Halloween, braving themed mazes, or participating in interactive horror events, those who have gone to haunted houses share stories of adrenaline-pumping frights, eerie encounters, and the thrilling escapades within haunted realms.

75. Never have I ever gone to a stand-up comedy open mic night.

Attending a stand-up comedy open mic night offers a glimpse into the raw and unfiltered world of aspiring comedians. Whether witnessing emerging talents, spontaneous jokes, or unexpected humor, those who have been to stand-up comedy open mic nights share stories of laughter, unpredictable performances, and the lively atmosphere of comedic experimentation.

76. Never have I ever participated in a flash mob dance performance.

Joining a flash mob dance performance adds an element of surprise and choreographed spontaneity to public spaces. Whether dancing in unison, surprising onlookers, or contributing to coordinated routines, those who have participated in flash mob dance performances share stories of synchronized movements, the thrill of surprise, and the joy of spontaneous expression.

77. Never have I ever played a prank on a friend that went too far.

Playing pranks on friends can be lighthearted fun, but occasionally, things may escalate. Whether orchestrating elaborate schemes, unintentionally crossing boundaries, or facing the consequences of a prank gone awry, those who have played pranks that went too far share stories of mischief, apologies, and the delicate balance of humor and friendship.

78. Never have I ever been in a flash mob.

Finding oneself in the midst of a flash mob creates a surreal and unexpected experience in public spaces. Whether witnessing spontaneous performances, joining in the choreography, or simply being caught up in the surprise, those who have been in flash mobs share stories of lively happenings, crowd reactions, and the spontaneity that defines these impromptu events.

79. Never have I ever gone on a spontaneous road trip with no destination.

Embarking on a spontaneous road trip with no predetermined destination epitomizes the spirit of adventure and exploration. Whether chasing the open road, embracing detours, or reveling in the freedom of unplanned journeys, those who have gone on spontaneous road trips share stories of serendipitous discoveries, road-trip camaraderie, and the joy of letting the journey unfold organically.

80. Never have I ever gone on a camping trip in the desert.

Camping in the desert immerses individuals in a unique landscape of vast sand dunes, starry skies, and a tranquil ambiance. Whether setting up camp amidst arid surroundings, enjoying desert sunsets, or experiencing the stillness of the night, those who have gone on camping trips in the desert share stories of serene isolation, desert beauty, and the peaceful allure of nature’s arid landscapes.

81. Never have I ever had a near-death experience while traveling.

A near-death experience while traveling adds an intense layer to the adventure. Whether facing perilous situations, surviving close calls, or navigating unforeseen dangers, those who have had near-death experiences while traveling share stories of resilience, gratitude, and the profound impact such moments can have on one’s perspective.

82. Never have I ever ridden a horse on a beach.

Riding a horse on a beach combines the joy of equestrian activities with the scenic beauty of coastal landscapes. Whether galloping along the shoreline, feeling the sea breeze, or enjoying the rhythmic sound of hooves on sand, those who have ridden horses on beaches share stories of equine adventures, seaside serenity, and the magical connection between rider and horse.

83. Never have I ever participated in a karaoke competition.

Stepping onto the karaoke stage for a competition brings forth the thrill of performing under the spotlight. Whether belting out favorite tunes, impressing judges, or embracing the spirit of friendly competition, those who have participated in karaoke competitions share stories of vocal prowess, stage presence, and the lively atmosphere of musical showdowns.

84. Never have I ever gone paddleboarding in a lake.

Paddleboarding on a tranquil lake offers a serene and picturesque water activity. Whether gliding across calm waters, enjoying the reflections of nature, or mastering the art of balance, those who have gone paddleboarding in lakes share stories of peaceful aquatic adventures, scenic beauty, and the meditative quality of paddling on still waters.

85. Never have I ever been to a music festival in another country.

Attending a music festival in a foreign country amplifies the thrill of live performances with cultural exploration. Whether immersing in diverse music genres, experiencing international vibes, or dancing alongside global festival-goers, those who have been to music festivals in other countries share stories of cross-cultural celebrations, musical discoveries, and the vibrant energy of global music scenes.

86. Never have I ever gone on a hot air balloon ride at sunrise.

Embarking on a hot air balloon ride at sunrise provides a breathtaking aerial perspective bathed in early morning hues. Whether floating above landscapes aglow with dawn’s light, witnessing the world awaken from above, or capturing the magic of sunrise, those who have experienced hot air balloon rides at sunrise share stories of majestic ascents, tranquil moments, and the enchantment of daybreak from the sky.

87. Never have I ever participated in a charity run.

Charity runs combine fitness with philanthropy, creating an opportunity to contribute to meaningful causes. Whether racing for charity, joining community events, or running with a purpose, those who have participated in charity runs share stories of camaraderie, fundraising efforts, and the empowering impact of combining fitness goals with altruism.

88. Never have I ever gone on a midnight bike ride.

Midnight bike rides offer a unique blend of adventure and nocturnal exploration. Whether cycling through quiet streets, enjoying the cool night air, or embracing the freedom of nighttime rides, those who have gone on midnight bike rides share stories of illuminated cityscapes, moonlit trails, and the exhilarating experience of cycling under the stars.

89. Never have I ever gone on a spontaneous trip to a foreign country.

Spontaneous trips to foreign countries embody the spirit of adventure and a willingness to embrace the unknown. Whether booking last-minute flights, exploring new cultures on a whim, or immersing in unplanned international journeys, those who have embarked on spontaneous trips to foreign countries share stories of serendipitous discoveries, travel surprises, and the joy of impromptu exploration.

90. Never have I ever been in a canoe race.

Canoe races add a competitive edge to water activities, requiring teamwork and paddling skills. Whether navigating through watercourses, participating in friendly races, or aiming for victory, those who have been in canoe races share stories of aquatic competitions, synchronized paddling, and the thrill of chasing the finish line.

91. Never have I ever played a sport professionally.

Playing a sport professionally is a testament to dedication, skill, and a love for the game. Whether competing on the national or international stage, overcoming challenges, or relishing the highs of athletic achievements, those who have played sports professionally share stories of sportsmanship, perseverance, and the transformative journey of pursuing excellence.

92. Never have I ever gone snowboarding.

Snowboarding brings the exhilaration of gliding down snowy slopes and mastering freestyle maneuvers. Whether carving through powder, tackling terrain parks, or enjoying winter landscapes, those who have gone snowboarding share stories of snowy adventures, adrenaline-fueled descents, and the joy of conquering mountains on a snowboard.

93. Never have I ever gone on a wine tasting tour.

Wine tasting tours invite enthusiasts to savor the flavors of various wines amid scenic vineyards. Whether sampling reds and whites, learning about winemaking, or indulging in culinary pairings, those who have gone on wine tasting tours share stories of palate discoveries, vineyard experiences, and the sophisticated enjoyment of wine culture.

94. Never have I ever participated in a dance-off.

Dance-offs infuse gatherings with energy as participants showcase their dance moves in friendly competition. Whether spontaneously engaging in dance battles, impressing onlookers, or embracing the rhythm of the moment, those who have participated in dance-offs share stories of expressive dance, lighthearted rivalry, and the infectious joy of hitting the dance floor.

95. Never have I ever gone on a road trip with no plan.

Road trips with no fixed plan epitomize the freedom of the open road and spontaneous exploration. Whether navigating highways without a destination, discovering hidden gems, or embracing detours, those who have gone on road trips with no plan share stories of serendipitous discoveries, unplanned adventures, and the liberating spirit of the journey.

96. Never have I ever ridden a roller coaster with a loop.

Riding a roller coaster with a loop adds a thrilling element of inversion and adrenaline. Whether experiencing the rush of gravity-defying loops, screaming through twists and turns, or conquering fear on amusement park rides, those who have ridden roller coasters with loops share stories of exhilarating rides, stomach-dropping moments, and the joy of embracing the coaster’s twists.

97. Never have I ever been in a food eating contest and won.

Winning a food eating contest requires not only a hearty appetite but also a competitive spirit. Whether facing off in eating challenges, devouring massive quantities of food, or surprising spectators with impressive feats of consumption, those who have won food eating contests share stories of gastronomic triumphs, competitive eating strategies, and the taste of victory.

98. Never have I ever gone snorkeling in a coral reef.

Snorkeling in a coral reef unveils the vibrant underwater world teeming with marine life and colorful corals. Whether exploring coral ecosystems, encountering tropical fish, or reveling in the beauty of aquatic landscapes, those who have gone snorkeling in coral reefs share stories of underwater adventures, serene seascapes, and the mesmerizing biodiversity of reef environments.

99. Never have I ever been on a cruise to multiple countries.

Cruises to multiple countries offer a seamless way to explore diverse destinations while enjoying the comforts of a floating resort. Whether sailing through international waters, disembarking at various ports, or immersing in cultural excursions, those who have been on cruises to multiple countries share stories of nautical journeys, shore discoveries, and the allure of multi-country maritime adventures.

100. Never have I ever gone on a weekend trip with someone I just met.

Going on a weekend trip with someone recently acquainted adds an element of spontaneity and the prospect of forming fast connections. Whether bonding over shared interests, discovering travel compatibility, or navigating the dynamics of newfound companionship, those who have gone on weekend trips with someone they just met share stories of instant travel friendships, unexpected adventures, and the shared joy of exploring new horizons.

101. Never have I ever gone on a spontaneous road trip without telling anyone.

Embarking on a spontaneous road trip without notifying anyone beforehand epitomizes the thrill of impromptu adventures. Whether fueled by wanderlust, a desire for spontaneity, or simply the need for a solo journey, those who have taken unplanned road trips without advance notice share stories of serendipitous discoveries, solo exploration, and the freedom that comes with hitting the road on a whim.

102. Never have I ever tried a food from a cuisine I couldn’t pronounce.

Venturing into unfamiliar culinary territories, trying a dish from a cuisine with challenging pronunciations adds a dash of cultural exploration to dining experiences. Whether ordering confidently or stumbling over menu items, those who have tried foods from unpronounceable cuisines share stories of gastronomic curiosity, palate adventures, and the delightful surprises that come with embracing diverse culinary traditions.

103. Never have I ever accidentally walked into the wrong restroom.

The accidental entry into the wrong restroom is a common and sometimes amusing scenario. Whether due to distractions, ambiguous signage, or simple lapses in attention, those who have experienced this bathroom blunder share stories of awkward encounters, hasty exits, and the universal nature of restroom-related mishaps.

104. Never have I ever gone on a blind date set up by a friend.

Blind dates arranged by friends introduce an element of mystery and potential romance. Whether approached with excitement or trepidation, those who have experienced blind dates set up by friends share stories of initial impressions, unexpected connections, and the humorous or heartwarming moments that unfold when strangers meet in the name of matchmaking friendship.

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