Welcome to a world of lively conversations and endless giggles with our curated collection of “This or That Questions for Kids.”

Packed with 450 fun and thought-provoking prompts, this resource is designed to be your go-to source for engaging and entertaining activities with the little ones.

Whether you’re a parent seeking enjoyable dinner table discussions, an educator looking for icebreakers in the classroom, or simply in need of some laughter during family game night, these questions are the perfect solution.

Witness how decision-making turns into a delightful adventure, fostering connections and making every moment memorable for both you and the children. Let the fun begin!

List of 450 This or That Questions for Kids

  1. Pajama Party or Costume Party?
  2. Ghost or Werewolf?
  3. Jelly or Jam?
  4. Astronaut or Firefighter?
  5. Rainbow or Lightning?
  6. Jump in Puddles or Play in Snow?
  7. Detective or Explorer?
  8. Beehive or Ant Farm?
  9. Ride a Bike or Ride a Scooter?
  10. Paint or Draw?
  11. Breakfast for Dinner or Dinner for Breakfast?
  12. Super Speed or Invisibility?
  13. Camping in the Mountains or Camping on the Beach?
  14. Climb a Tree or Build a Treehouse?
  15. Detective or Spy?
  16. Pillow Fight or Water Balloon Fight?
  17. Rain or Snow?
  18. Banana Split or Ice Cream Sundae?
  19. Play the Piano or Play the Violin?
  20. Science Fiction or Fantasy?
  21. Hot Air Balloon or Submarine?
  22. Read Comics or Graphic Novels?
  23. Ride a Roller Coaster or Ferris Wheel?
  24. Time Travel or Teleportation?
  25. Outer Space or Underwater?
  26. Create Art with Paint or Clay?
  27. Robot or Alien?
  28. Secret Passage or Hidden Door?
  29. Bungee Jumping or Skydiving?
  30. Fly a Kite or Fly a Drone?
  31. Visit the Rainforest or the Desert?
  32. Bake Cookies or Brownies?
  33. Pirate Ship or Spaceship?
  34. Rainbow or Waterfall?
  35. Rock Climbing or Zip Lining?
  36. Movie Marathon or Game Night?
  37. Comedy or Adventure Movies?
  38. Plant Flowers or Trees?
  39. Ride a Horse or Ride a Camel?
  40. Bake a Cake or Make Pizza?
  41. Robot or Talking Animal?
  42. Giant Bubble Bath or Foam Party?
  43. Go to Mars or Venus?
  44. Create a New Color or Discover a New Planet?
  45. Solve a Mystery or Solve a Puzzle?
  46. Ride a Unicorn or Ride a Dinosaur?
  47. T-Rex or Velociraptor?
  48. Wizard’s Hat or Pirate’s Hat?
  49. Jungle Gym or Trampoline Park?
  50. Swim in a Pool of Jello or Pudding?
  51. Create a New Superpower or New Animal Species?
  52. Cupcake or Cookie Decorating?
  53. Campfire Story or Ghost Story?
  54. Racing Cars or Flying Planes?
  55. Time with Friends or Time with Family?
  56. Superhero Mask or Pirate Eye Patch?
  57. Play Soccer with Aliens or Basketball with Robots?
  58. Fly on a Broomstick or Ride a Magic Carpet?
  59. Make Your Own Board Game or Card Game?
  60. Invent a New Ice Cream Flavor or Candy?
  61. Paper Airplane or Origami?
  62. Silly Hats or Crazy Socks?
  63. Skywriting or Sand Art?
  64. Design Your Own Clothing Line or Design Your Dream House?
  65. Create a New Holiday or Invent a New Sport?
  66. Roller Coaster with Loops or Water Slide with Tunnels?
  67. Jump on a Trampoline or Swing on a Swing?
  68. Funny Face Contest or Dance Off?
  69. Travel Back in Time or Into the Future?
  70. Wear a Crown or a Tiara?
  71. Become a Detective or a Scientist?
  72. Surfing or Snowboarding?
  73. Speak Every Language or Talk to Animals?
  74. Design a New Video Game or App?
  75. Swim with Dolphins or Penguins?
  76. Chocolate Milkshake or Fruit Smoothie?
  77. Ride a Unicorn or Fly on a Dragon?
  78. Disco Dance Party or Karaoke Night?
  79. Invent a New Candy or New Toy?
  80. Fly a Kite or Sail a Boat?
  81. Be a Mermaid for a Day or a Pirate for a Day?
  82. Live in a Treehouse or a Castle?
  83. Make a Time Capsule or a Memory Jar?
  84. Plant a Garden or Adopt a Pet?
  85. Fly on a Pegasus or a Phoenix?
  86. Climb a Mountain or Dive into the Ocean?
  87. Build a Robot Friend or a Robot Butler?
  88. Run a Marathon or Win a Spelling Bee?
  89. Ride a Roller Coaster or a Merry-Go-Round?
  90. Be a Hero in a Fairytale or a Sci-Fi Adventure?
  91. Teddy Bear or Doll?
  92. Beach Vacation or Mountain Retreat?
  93. Camping or Glamping?
  94. Guitar or Piano?
  95. Pizza or Tacos?
  96. Comedy Movie or Action Movie?
  97. Roller Skating or Ice Skating?
  98. Scuba Diving or Skydiving?
  99. Pineapple on Pizza, Yes or No?
  100. Camping in a Tent or RV?
  101. Chocolate or Caramel Popcorn?
  102. Jungle Safari or Desert Safari?
  103. Rollerblade or Skateboard?
  104. Mystery Novel or Fantasy Novel?
  105. Pancakes or French Toast?
  106. Hot Chocolate or Iced Coffee?
  107. Comedy Show or Concert?
  108. Road Trip or Cruise?
  109. Carnival Games or Arcade Games?
  110. Soccer or Baseball?
  111. Sandwich or Salad?
  112. Aquarium or Zoo?
  113. Pirate or Viking?
  114. Hammock or Swinging Bench?
  115. Cake or Pie?
  116. Horseback Riding or Biking?
  117. Comedy Club or Karaoke Night?
  118. Winter Wonderland or Tropical Paradise?
  119. Paddleboarding or Kayaking?
  120. Breakfast in Bed or Brunch Out?
  121. Water Balloon Fight or Paintball?
  122. Camping or Fishing?
  123. Darts or Pool?
  124. Beach Volleyball or Sandcastle Building?
  125. Museum or Art Gallery?
  126. Canoeing or Rafting?
  127. Picnic in the Park or Dinner at a Restaurant?
  128. Science Fiction or Historical Fiction?
  129. Karate or Judo?
  130. Homemade Ice Cream or Gelato?
  131. Snorkeling or Scuba Diving?
  132. Swing Dancing or Ballroom Dancing?
  133. Watercolor Painting or Oil Painting?
  134. Sunrise Yoga or Sunset Yoga?
  135. Boardwalk or Pier?
  136. Trivia Night or Game Night?
  137. Antiques or Modern Furniture?
  138. Sushi or Thai Food?
  139. Farmer’s Market or Grocery Store?
  140. Go Kart Racing or Bumper Cars?
  141. Fireworks or Bonfire?
  142. Breakfast Burrito or Bagel with Lox?
  143. Wine Tasting or Beer Tasting?
  144. Zip Lining or Rappelling?
  145. Potluck Dinner or Buffet?
  146. Aquarium or Planetarium?
  147. Paddleboarding or Windsurfing?
  148. Sunflower Field or Lavender Field?
  149. Homemade Cookies or Store-bought Cookies?
  150. Roller Derby or Ice Hockey?
  151. Sunrise Hike or Moonlit Walk?
  152. Breakfast Cereal or Oatmeal?
  153. Beach Picnic or Lakeside Picnic?
  154. Paragliding or Hang Gliding?
  155. Hot Tub or Sauna?
  156. Indoor Skydiving or Rock Climbing Gym?
  157. Movie Marathon or TV Series Binge?
  158. Stand-up Comedy or Improv Show?
  159. Food Truck Festival or International Cuisine?
  160. Indoor Trampoline Park or Outdoor Trampoline?
  161. Fruit Smoothie or Milkshake?
  162. Archery or Paintball?
  163. Virtual Reality Gaming or Augmented Reality?
  164. Roller Coaster or Water Slide?
  165. Polar Bear or Panda?
  166. Desert Oasis or Mountain Lake?
  167. Classic Car Show or Motorcycle Rally?
  168. Roadside Diner or Fine Dining Restaurant?
  169. Superhero or Pirate Costume?
  170. Bubble Bath or Bath Toys?
  171. Pirate or Princess Birthday Theme?
  172. Teddy Bear Picnic or Tea Party?
  173. Movie Night or Storytime?
  174. Jumping in Puddles or Playing in Snow?
  175. Teddy Bear Sleepover or Stuffed Animal Parade?
  176. Balloon Animals or Magic Show?
  177. DIY Slime or DIY Bracelets?
  178. Cupcake Decorating or Cookie Decorating?
  179. Animal Safari or Dinosaur Expedition?
  180. Finger Painting or Play-Doh Sculptures?
  181. Dance Party or Karaoke Party?
  182. Costume Swap or Dress-Up Relay?
  183. Candyland or Chutes and Ladders?
  184. Lemonade Stand or Bake Sale?
  185. Make Your Own Pizza or Make Your Own Sundae?
  186. Mini Golf or Bowling?
  187. DIY Puppet Show or DIY Shadow Puppets?
  188. Science Experiment Party or Art Party?
  189. Water Balloon Pinata or PiƱata with Candy?
  190. Bike Parade or Scooter Parade?
  191. Pancake Bar or Waffle Bar?
  192. Teddy Bear Hospital or Doll Hospital?
  193. DIY Tie-Dye or T-Shirt Painting?
  194. DIY Bird Feeder or DIY Bug Catcher?
  195. Jumping Castle or Trampoline?
  196. Friendship Bracelet Making or Bead Jewelry Making?
  197. Hot Potato or Musical Chairs?
  198. DIY Flower Crowns or DIY Superhero Capes?
  199. Bubble Wrap Stomp or Bubble Wrap Hopscotch?
  200. Mad Hatter Tea Party or Wonderland Adventure?
  201. DIY Mini Golf Course or DIY Obstacle Course?
  202. DIY Carnival Games or DIY Photo Booth?
  203. Water Gun Painting or Water Balloon Painting?
  204. DIY Play Kitchen or DIY Mini Garden?
  205. Indoor Picnic or Outdoor Picnic?
  206. DIY Treasure Chest or DIY Time Capsule?
  207. Balloon Pop Countdown or Confetti Cannon Countdown?
  208. DIY Spy Kit or Detective Scavenger Hunt?
  209. DIY Mini Aquarium or DIY Terrarium?
  210. Bubble Bath or Splash in the Pool?
  211. Playdough or Clay?
  212. Camping in the Backyard or Living Room?
  213. Favorite Animal: Elephant or Giraffe?
  214. Dinosaur or Robot Toys?
  215. Rainbow or Unicorn Stickers?
  216. Teddy Bear Tea Party or Toy Parade?
  217. Jumping on a Trampoline or Swing Set?
  218. Play Kitchen or Play Tool Set?
  219. Favorite Season: Spring or Fall?
  220. Toy Cars or Toy Trucks?
  221. Animal-shaped Chicken Nuggets or Regular Ones?
  222. Singing Along to Music or Making Up Songs?
  223. Favorite School Subject: Art or Recess?
  224. Favorite Toy: Dollhouse or Action Figures?
  225. Play-Doh Ice Cream Shop or Play Kitchen?
  226. Singing Karaoke or Dancing?
  227. Favorite Fruit Juice: Apple or Grape?
  228. Favorite Shape: Heart or Star?
  229. Butterfly or Ladybug?
  230. Favorite Movie: Toy Story or Finding Nemo?
  231. Cheese Pizza or Pepperoni Pizza?
  232. Favorite Cartoon: Paw Patrol or Peppa Pig?
  233. Favorite Color: Blue or Green?
  234. Favorite Candy: Lollipops or Gum?
  235. Telling Jokes or Listening to Jokes?
  236. Favorite Snack: Pretzels or Popcorn?
  237. Favorite Seasonal Activity: Sledding or Easter Egg Hunt?
  238. Favorite Fruit: Banana or Strawberry?
  239. Pirate Hat or Princess Crown?
  240. Milkshake or Smoothie?
  241. Bubblegum or Cotton Candy Flavor?
  242. Playdough or Silly Putty?
  243. Dinosaur Toys or Space-themed Toys?
  244. Trampoline or Slide?
  245. Play Kitchen or Toy Tool Set?
  246. Balloon Animals or Origami Animals?
  247. Arts and Crafts or Science Experiments?
  248. Sandcastle Building or Snowman Building?
  249. Jungle Gym or Monkey Bars?
  250. Sushi or Chicken Nuggets?
  251. Pirate or Ninja Costume?
  252. Jump Rope or Hula Hoop?
  253. Arts and Crafts or Baking Cookies?
  254. Cowboy Hat or Detective Hat?
  255. Puppet Show or Magic Show?
  256. Pizza with Pepperoni or Pizza with Ham?
  257. Superhero Cape or Princess Crown?
  258. Marshmallows or Gummy Bears in Hot Cocoa?
  259. Space Aliens or Friendly Robots?
  260. Biking in the Park or Scootering in the Driveway?
  261. Jungle Gym or Swing Set?
  262. Astronaut or Firefighter Costume?
  263. Jumping on a Trampoline or Playing on a Slide?
  264. Popcorn or Pretzels at the Movies?
  265. Playing Tag or Hide and Seek?
  266. Water Balloons or Water Guns?
  267. Soccer or Basketball in the Backyard?
  268. Building Sandcastles or Collecting Shells at the Beach?
  269. Hot Dogs or Hamburgers at a BBQ?
  270. Playdough or Clay for Sculpting?
  271. Pirate or Princess Story at Bedtime?
  272. Coloring Book or Sketch Pad?
  273. Jumping in Puddles or Playing in the Snow?
  274. Indoor Fort or Outdoor Tent?
  275. Play Inside or Outside?
  276. Pajama Party or Outdoor Camping?
  277. Cherry or Grape Tomatoes?
  278. Playing with Puppies or Kittens?
  279. Watermelon or Pineapple Slices?
  280. Playing in the Rain or Dancing in the Sunshine?
  281. Karaoke or Dance Party?
  282. Bubbles or Chalk for Outdoor Fun?
  283. Butterfly or Ladybug Garden?
  284. Fancy Dress-Up or Casual Play?
  285. Jumping Jacks or Cartwheels?
  286. Cookie Decorating or Cupcake Decorating?
  287. Scooter or Skateboard Tricks?
  288. Snow Cones or Ice Cream Cones?
  289. Make-Believe Doctor or Chef?
  290. Bike Ride or Nature Walk?
  291. Sunglasses or Sunhat?
  292. Pizza with Extra Cheese or Pizza with Extra Sauce?
  293. Swimming Pool or Water Park?
  294. Picnic in the Park or Picnic in the Backyard?
  295. Skipping Stones or Collecting Leaves?
  296. Lemonade Stand or Ice Cream Stand?
  297. Family Game Night or Movie Night?
  298. Watercolor Painting or Finger Painting?
  299. DIY Bird Feeder or DIY Wind Chimes?
  300. Stomp Rocket or Kite Flying?
  301. Decorate Your Own Cupcake or Make Your Own Pizza?
  302. Jungle Safari or Underwater Adventure?
  303. Teddy Bear or Bunny Plushie?
  304. Fire Truck or Police Car?
  305. Exploring a Cave or Climbing a Mountain?
  306. Popcorn or Cotton Candy at the Circus?
  307. Video Call with Friends or In-Person Playdate?
  308. Rainbow or Shooting Star?
  309. Detective or Super Spy?
  310. Digging for Dinosaur Bones or Finding Pirate Treasure?
  311. Space Exploration or Deep-Sea Diving?
  312. Carnival Games or Amusement Park Rides?
  313. Superhero or Wizard?
  314. Cupcake Decorating Contest or Cookie Baking Contest?
  315. Parrot or Toucan?
  316. Movie Character Costume or Historical Figure Costume?
  317. Moonwalk or Jumping Castle?
  318. Favorite Color: Rainbow or Galaxy?
  319. Time Travel to the Past or Future?
  320. Create Your Own Ice Cream Flavor or Candy Bar?
  321. Circus Clown or Magician?
  322. Camping in the Forest or Camping on the Beach?
  323. Indoor Trampoline Park or Outdoor Water Park?
  324. Family Road Trip or Train Journey?
  325. Pirate Ship Playground or Castle Playground?
  326. Pick Your Own Apples or Pick Your Own Berries?
  327. Race with Friends on Bicycles or Scooters?
  328. Science Experiment at Home or Nature Scavenger Hunt?
  329. Play a Prank or Tell a Joke?
  330. Create a Comic Strip or Write a Short Story?
  331. Robot Butler or Alien Sidekick?
  332. Glow-in-the-Dark Stars on Bedroom Ceiling or Wall Mural?
  333. Karate Class or Ballet Class?
  334. Moon Landing or Underwater City Exploration?
  335. Ice Cream Truck or Candy Store?
  336. Jumping in a Pile of Leaves or Snow?
  337. Hot Air Balloon Ride or Zipline Adventure?
  338. Circus Tightrope Walker or Trapeze Artist?
  339. Invent a New Board Game or Card Game?
  340. Theme Park Parade or Fireworks Show?
  341. DIY Science Kit or Art Supplies?
  342. Junior Chef Cooking Class or Pottery Class?
  343. Train Conductor or Bus Driver for a Day?
  344. Puzzle Master or LEGO Architect?
  345. Watercolor Painting or Collage Making?
  346. Unicorn or Dragon as a Pet?
  347. Penguin Parade or Dolphin Show?
  348. Design Your Own T-Shirt or Design Your Own Hat?
  349. Scary Ghost Story or Funny Joke Contest?
  350. Chocolate Fountain or Candy Buffet?
  351. Indoor Skydiving or Rock Climbing Wall?
  352. Animal Safari or Bug Hunt?
  353. Build a Treehouse or Build a Sand Fort?
  354. Design Your Dream Playground or Dream Bedroom?
  355. Fairy Tale Ball or Outer Space Dance Party?
  356. Learn to Juggle or Ride a Unicycle?
  357. Virtual Reality Adventure or Augmented Reality Treasure Hunt?
  358. Pajama Runway Fashion Show or Silly Hat Parade?
  359. Invent a New Ice Cream Flavor or Candy Bar?
  360. Alphabet Soup or Chicken Noodle Soup?
  361. Animal Pajamas or Cartoon Pajamas?
  362. Animal Parade or Teddy Bear Picnic?
  363. Animal Sounds or Funny Faces Contest?
  364. Apple Juice or Orange Juice?
  365. Baby Animals or Adult Animals?
  366. Balloon Animals or Face Painting?
  367. Balloon Animals or Origami?
  368. Board Games or Video Games?
  369. Bubble Wrap or Bubbles?
  370. Build a Sandcastle or Snowman?
  371. Building Blocks or Legos?
  372. Building Sandcastles or Snow Forts?
  373. Building Sandcastles or Snowmen?
  374. Cartoon Movie or Animated Series?
  375. Cartoon Movie or Live Action Movie?
  376. Chasing Butterflies or Catching Fireflies?
  377. Chocolate Chip Cookies or M&M Cookies?
  378. Chocolate Milk or Strawberry Milk?
  379. Clown Wig or Funny Hat?
  380. Coffee or Tea?
  381. Cowboy or Astronaut?
  382. Create a New Planet or Build a Floating City?
  383. Cupcakes or Donuts?
  384. Dance Party or Sing-Along?
  385. DIY Craft Night or Cooking Class?
  386. Face Painting or Temporary Tattoos?
  387. Favorite Animal: Puppy or Kitten?
  388. Favorite Book: The Very Hungry Caterpillar or Where the Wild Things Are?
  389. Favorite Cartoon Character: SpongeBob or Pikachu?
  390. Favorite Color: Rainbow or Sparkles?
  391. Favorite Disney Princess: Ariel or Belle?
  392. Favorite Fruit: Watermelon or Grapes?
  393. Favorite Holiday: Halloween or Christmas?
  394. Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Bubblegum or Cotton Candy?
  395. Favorite Shape: Circle or Triangle?
  396. Favorite Sport: Soccer or Basketball?
  397. Finger Painting or Foot Painting?
  398. Finger Puppets or Hand Puppets?
  399. Fire Truck or Police Car Toy?
  400. Fruit Snacks or Gummy Bears?
  401. Glow-in-the-Dark Stars or Glow Sticks?
  402. Hide and Seek or Tag?
  403. Hiking or Biking?
  404. Hot Dogs or Hamburgers?
  405. Hula Hoop or Jump Rope Contest?
  406. Ice Cream Cone or Ice Cream Cup?
  407. Ice Cream Cone or Ice Cream Sandwich?
  408. Ice Cream Sundae or Banana Split?
  409. Indoor Camping or Outdoor Camping?
  410. Indoor Rock Climbing or Zip Lining?
  411. Jelly Beans or Gummy Worms?
  412. Jigsaw Puzzle or Connect-the-Dots?
  413. Jump Rope or Hopscotch?
  414. Jumping Beans or Silly Putty?
  415. Jumping in Puddles or Playing in Sand?
  416. Jungle Gym or Swings?
  417. Jungle Safari or Ocean Exploration?
  418. Magic Show or Puppet Show?
  419. Marshmallow or Chocolate Chip Hot Cocoa?
  420. Movie Night or Game Night?
  421. Outdoor Concert or Symphony Orchestra?
  422. Outdoor Picnic or Indoor Picnic?
  423. Pajama Party or Costume Dress-up?
  424. Pajamas with Polka Dots or Stripes?
  425. Popcorn or Candy at the Movies?
  426. Popcorn or Nachos?
  427. Rainbow or Cloud Shapes in the Sky?
  428. Reading a Book or Listening to a Story?
  429. Roller Coaster or Ferris Wheel?
  430. Science Experiment or DIY Craft?
  431. Silly Hats or Funny Glasses?
  432. Snakes or Spiders?
  433. Water Gun Fight or Nerf War?
  434. Water Skiing or Snow Skiing?
  435. Sunrise or Sunset?
  436. Superhero or Fairy Costume?
  437. Superhero or Princess Costume?
  438. Superpower: Invisibility or Flying?
  439. Teddy Bear or Stuffed Bunny?
  440. Teddy Bear or Stuffed Monkey?
  441. Teddy Bear Picnic or Toy Parade?
  442. Toy Cars or Toy Trains?
  443. Toy Tea Set or Toy Tool Set?
  444. Trampoline or Swing Set?
  445. Treasure Hunt or Scavenger Hunt?
  446. Tricycle or Scooter?
  447. Twirling or Jumping Jacks?
  448. Watercolor Painting or Sidewalk Chalk?
  449. Watermelon or Cantaloupe?
  450. Storytime or Sing-Along?

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