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Immerse yourself in the magic as we journey through 40 captivating questions, testing your knowledge of iconic movies, beloved characters, and timeless moments.Disney Movie Trivia Questions

In 1928, Walt Disney gave birth to Mickey Mouse, marking the genesis of a legacy that has transcended generations.

Disney films have etched indelible memories in the hearts of both young and old.

Today, we invite you to put your Disney knowledge to the test.

Join us in a journey through the iconic music, art, and characters that have become synonymous with the Disney universe.

How well do you know your favorite Disney movies? It’s time to find out.

Step into the realm of nostalgia, relive cherished moments, and celebrate the magic that began with a mouse.

Are you ready for the Disney Movie Trivia challenge? Let the adventure begin!

General Disney Movie Trivia

1. Which Disney movie features a character named Scrooge McDuck?

DuckTales: The Movie – Treasure of the Lost Lamp

Scrooge McDuck, the wealthy and adventurous uncle of Donald Duck, takes center stage in this animated feature film. The story revolves around a magical lamp, reminiscent of Aladdin’s tale, that Scrooge seeks to protect from the villainous Merlock.

2. In The Lion King, what is the name of Simba’s best friend?In The Lion King, what is the name of Simba’s best friend


Nala, Simba’s childhood friend, evolves into a key character in The Lion King. As adults, their friendship transforms into a deep and romantic connection, becoming an integral part of Simba’s journey.

3. Which Disney princess has a raccoon companion named Meeko?


Meeko, an adorable raccoon, befriends Pocahontas in the film. Known for his mischievous antics and endearing personality, Meeko adds a touch of humor and warmth to the story of Pocahontas.

4. What type of animal is Thumper in the movie Bambi?


Thumper, a lovable and talkative character in Bambi, is a rabbit. Known for his memorable lines like “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all,” Thumper becomes a wise and endearing friend to Bambi.

5. In Beauty and the Beast, what is the name of the enchanted object that serves as the castle’s maître d’?


Lumière, the charismatic candelabra, is the castle’s maître d’ in Beauty and the Beast. Alongside other enchanted objects, Lumière plays a crucial role in helping Belle and the Beast find love.

6. What is the profession of Bernard and Bianca in the animated film The Rescuers?

Rescue Aid Society Agents

Bernard and Bianca, the endearing mouse protagonists, work as agents for the Rescue Aid Society in The Rescuers. Their mission is to help rescue a young girl named Penny who is in peril.

7. Which Disney movie features a character named Figaro, who is Geppetto’s pet?Which Disney movie features a character named Figaro, who is Geppetto’s pet


Figaro, the kitten belonging to Geppetto in Pinocchio, is an animated character known for his playful and charming demeanor. He adds a touch of humor and sweetness to the classic tale.

8. In Aladdin, what is the name of Jasmine’s pet tiger?


Rajah, the majestic tiger, is Princess Jasmine’s loyal companion in Aladdin. Rajah’s protective nature and playful interactions with Jasmine contribute to the charm of the film.

9. What is the name of the chameleon companion in the movie Tangled?


Pascal, the colorful chameleon, is Rapunzel’s close companion in Tangled. Despite being a non-verbal character, Pascal’s expressions and actions speak volumes, endearing him to the audience.

10. Which Disney movie features a character named Heihei, known for his comedic and clueless antics?Which Disney movie features a character named Heihei, known for his comedic and clueless antics


Heihei, the hilariously clueless rooster, becomes an unexpected companion to Moana in the movie of the same name. His comedic moments add a lighthearted touch to Moana’s adventurous journey.

Disney Movie Soundtrack Trivia

11. In The Little Mermaid, which song did Howard Ashman and Alan Menken write while taking a walk in the park?

“Part of Your World”

The song “Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid was written during a pivotal walk in Howard Ashman and Alan Menken’s collaboration. As they strolled through a New York City park, the lyrics and melody of this iconic song were crafted, adding depth to Ariel’s yearning for a life beyond the sea.

12. What was the first Disney song to win both the Academy Award for Best Original Song and the Grammy Award for Record of the Year?

“A Whole New World”

The timeless duet “A Whole New World” from Aladdin achieved the rare feat of winning both the Academy Award and the Grammy Award. Sung by Lea Salonga and Brad Kane, the song took listeners on a magical carpet ride and earned its place in music history.

13. Which Disney movie soundtrack features the song “You’re Welcome” performed by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson?Which Disney movie soundtrack features the song “You’re Welcome” performed by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson showcases his musical talent in Moana, providing the vocals for the song “You’re Welcome.” This catchy tune, sung by the character Maui, adds a playful and entertaining element to the soundtrack of Moana.

14. In Beauty and the Beast, who originally performed the song “Beauty and the Beast” for the film’s soundtrack?

Peabo Bryson and Celine Dion

The enchanting ballad “Beauty and the Beast” from the 1991 animated film features the voices of Peabo Bryson and Celine Dion. This iconic duet, which became a chart-topping hit, captures the essence of the romantic tale between Belle and the Beast.

15. Which Disney movie’s soundtrack includes the empowering song “How Far I’ll Go”?


“How Far I’ll Go” from Moana, performed by Auli’i Cravalho, serves as the film’s anthem of self-discovery and adventure. The song earned critical acclaim and an Academy Award nomination for Best Original Song.

16. What Disney movie’s soundtrack prominently features the song “Circle of Life”?What Disney movie’s soundtrack prominently features the song “Circle of Life”

The Lion King

“The Circle of Life” is a central and powerful song in The Lion King’s soundtrack, setting the tone for the film’s epic journey. Sung by Carmen Twillie, the song captures the essence of the Circle of Life in the Pride Lands.

17. Which Disney song, featured in Mulan, expresses the protagonist’s determination to bring honor to her family?


“Reflection” from Mulan, sung by Lea Salonga, reflects the character Mulan’s inner struggles and determination to be true to herself. The song captures the emotional core of Mulan’s journey and self-discovery.

18. In The Jungle Book, who sings the classic song “The Bare Necessities”?


“The Bare Necessities” is a timeless tune performed by Baloo, the carefree bear in The Jungle Book. Sung by Phil Harris, the song celebrates a laid-back philosophy and became an instant classic in the Disney music catalog.

19. Which Disney movie’s soundtrack features the song “I See the Light,” a beautiful duet between Rapunzel and Flynn Rider?


“I See the Light” from Tangled, performed by Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi, is a poignant and enchanting duet that marks the realization of love and freedom for the characters. The song captures the magical moment when lanterns illuminate the night sky.

20. In Frozen, what song became a global phenomenon and won the Academy Award for Best Original Song?In Frozen, what song became a global phenomenon and won the Academy Award for Best Original Song

“Let It Go”

“Let It Go” from Frozen, sung by Idina Menzel as Queen Elsa, became a cultural phenomenon and won the Academy Award for Best Original Song. The empowering anthem resonated worldwide, earning praise for its message of self-acceptance and liberation.

Disney Movie Quotes Trivia

21. “Hakuna Matata. It means no worries for the rest of your days.”

Timon and Pumbaa in The Lion King

The phrase “Hakuna Matata” became a cultural phenomenon after The Lion King’s release, symbolizing a carefree and optimistic attitude. Interestingly, the phrase is Swahili for “no trouble” or “no problems.”

22. “The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.”

The Emperor in Mulan

This profound quote from Mulan emphasizes the strength that comes from facing challenges and adversity. The film’s exploration of courage and self-discovery resonates with audiences of all ages.

23. “To infinity and beyond!”“To infinity and beyond!”

Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story

Buzz Lightyear’s catchphrase became synonymous with a spirit of adventure and limitless possibilities. Toy Story, released in 1995, marked the beginning of Pixar’s successful collaboration with Disney.

24. “Oh yes, the past can hurt. But you can either run from it, or learn from it.”

Rafiki in The Lion King

Rafiki’s wise words in The Lion King highlight the theme of personal growth and the importance of embracing one’s past. The character Rafiki serves as a mentor and spiritual guide throughout the film.

25. “No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true.”

Cinderella in Cinderella

Cinderella’s timeless advice encourages audiences to hold onto hope and persevere through challenges. This quote encapsulates the enduring theme of dreams coming true in the face of adversity.

26. “Fish are friends, not food.”

Bruce in Finding Nemo

Bruce, the vegetarian shark in Finding Nemo, delivers this humorous yet meaningful line, promoting the idea that friends should be valued rather than consumed. The quote adds a lighthearted touch to the film’s exploration of friendship and family.

27. “Even miracles take a little time.”“Even miracles take a little time.”

The Fairy Godmother in Cinderella

The Fairy Godmother’s comforting words in Cinderella convey the message that patience and belief in oneself can lead to extraordinary outcomes. This quote adds a touch of magic to the film’s narrative.

28. “The things that make me different are the things that make me ME.”

Piglet in Winnie the Pooh

Piglet’s simple yet profound statement celebrates individuality and self-acceptance, a recurring theme in many Disney films. Winnie the Pooh and his friends impart valuable life lessons in a charming and relatable manner.

29. “Adventure is out there.”

Ellie in Up

This heartfelt quote from Up captures the film’s theme of embracing adventure and cherishing life’s meaningful moments. The film’s poignant storytelling and emotional depth resonate with audiences of all ages.

30. “Remember who you are.”“Remember who you are.”

Mufasa in The Lion King

Mufasa’s powerful words to Simba in The Lion King serve as a guiding principle throughout the film, urging Simba to embrace his true identity and responsibilities. This iconic quote encapsulates the film’s exploration of self-discovery, courage, and the circle of life.

Non-Animated Disney Movie Trivia

31. In the 1996 film “The Hunchback of Notre Dame,” which actor plays the role of Captain Phoebus?

Kevin Kline

Kevin Kline portrays Captain Phoebus, a principled military officer, in the live-action adaptation of Victor Hugo’s novel. His performance adds a layer of complexity to the character’s interactions with Quasimodo and Esmeralda.

32. Which 2014 Disney film, inspired by a Marvel Comics series, stars Chris Pratt as Peter Quill, also known as Star-Lord?

Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy takes audiences on a cosmic adventure with a group of misfit heroes. Chris Pratt’s portrayal of the charismatic Star-Lord contributes to the film’s humor and charm, making it a standout in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

33. Which 1999 Disney film features Kirsten Dunst, Eliza Dushku, and Gabrielle Union as members of a cheerleading squad?Which 1999 Disney film features Kirsten Dunst, Eliza Dushku, and Gabrielle Union as members of a cheerleading squad

Bring It On

Bring It On, a teen comedy film, follows the competitive world of high school cheerleading. Despite its initial modest success, the film gained popularity through subsequent home video releases and became a cultural phenomenon.

34. In the movie Remember the Titans, what real-life historical figure is portrayed by Denzel Washington?

Coach Herman Boone

Remember the Titans, released in 2000, is based on the true story of the integration of T.C. Williams High School’s football team in Alexandria, Virginia, in 1971. Denzel Washington’s portrayal of Coach Boone earned critical acclaim for its powerful depiction of leadership and unity.

35. What 2007 Disney film, based on a popular novel by Meg Cabot, stars Anne Hathaway as a young woman who discovers she’s a princess?

The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement

The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement is the sequel to the 2001 film and continues the story of Mia Thermopolis, played by Anne Hathaway, as she navigates her responsibilities as the heir to the throne of Genovia. The film explores themes of duty, love, and self-discovery.

36. Which 2010 Disney film stars Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter and Mia Wasikowska as Alice?Which 2010 Disney film stars Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter and Mia Wasikowska as Alice

Alice in Wonderland

Directed by Tim Burton, Alice in Wonderland presents a unique and visually stunning take on Lewis Carroll’s classic tale. Johnny Depp’s eccentric portrayal of the Mad Hatter and Mia Wasikowska’s performance as Alice contribute to the film’s whimsical atmosphere.

37. Who plays the title role in the 2004 film National Treasure?

Nicolas Cage

In National Treasure, Nicolas Cage stars as Benjamin Franklin Gates, a historian and treasure hunter. The film blends historical elements with action and adventure as Gates searches for a hidden treasure linked to the founding fathers of the United States.

38. Which 2005 Disney film stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as a football player who becomes a Tooth Fairy?

Tooth Fairy

In Tooth Fairy, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson portrays a tough and cynical hockey player who is magically enlisted as a tooth fairy. The film combines comedy and fantasy elements to deliver a lighthearted and family-friendly story.

39. What 2013 Disney film, inspired by a true story, stars Tom Hanks as the title character, a ship captain facing a hijacking by Somali pirates?What 2013 Disney film, inspired by a true story, stars Tom Hanks as the title character, a ship captain facing a hijacking by Somali pirates

Captain Phillips

Captain Phillips tells the gripping story of the 2009 Maersk Alabama hijacking and the heroic actions of Captain Richard Phillips. Tom Hanks delivers a compelling performance, earning critical acclaim for his portrayal of the real-life captain.

40. In the live-action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast (2017), who plays the role of Gaston?

Luke Evans

Luke Evans takes on the role of Gaston, the arrogant and self-centered antagonist in the live-action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast. His charismatic and villainous portrayal adds depth to the character, bringing the classic tale to life in a new way.

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