OK. You’re looking for interesting topics to talk about with someone, right? Unless you are fairly familiar with the person you are talking to, I’d highly recommend keeping things light and funny to start off. If you start asking questions that are too deep and probing, there’s a really good chance that you are going to come across as some kind of freak. I mean really, if we just met and you started asking me questions about the saddest day of my life or what my deepest secret was, I’d start to wonder about you in a hurry. After you’ve known each other for a while, then sure, go deep, but you’ve got to use some common sense. To help you start interesting conversations and keep the other person interested in the talk, here are some interesting topics to talk about.

Interesting Topics to Talk About

Life’s to-do list

Your list of good topics to talk about should include finding what people’s major goals in life are. This is something most everyone loves to discuss, so it will help to keep the conversation moving in a positive direction. This topic also should lead to other interesting areas of discussion and discovery. You might also ask what goal the person is most proud of accomplishing. That will get them talking about some of the best memories they have. At that point, they’ll probably be more than happy to carry the conversation for a while.

Interesting people

Ask someone who the most fascinating person they’ve ever met is, or who they’d most like to meet and why. The response will reveal a lot about the person you are talking to and will help you in choosing the course of the conversation as you move along. You might also want to give some thought to who you would choose as your ‘interesting person” since they’ll probably turn the question back toward you. Try to come up with someone worth discussing and have some reasons for why you think they’re special.

Major events in life

Bring up this topic and be prepared for anything! Find out what experiences have influenced your partner in conversation the most and how the situation changed them as a person. This should be common sense, but don’t belittle anything they say, even if you think it’s silly. Use follow up questions to dig a little bit deeper and to keep the conversation flowing.

Music interests

This topic is usually very light and always welcomed. Bringing it up can break the ice and ease people out of social anxieties and other inhibitions. Talk about current trends in music or classics and be sure to compliment the opinions of others in one way or another. This could also lead to a conversation about other musical interests. Do you play any instruments? What was the best concert you ever saw? Did you see a great video on Youtube featuring a band that you both like?

Fantasy travel

Most of us have dreamed of going somewhere at one point or another and it’s fun to talk about where we’d most like to go. Ask others what countries they would visit if money were no object and see if you don’t agree! Have you ever gone on an amazing vacation? Tell them about your travel stories and ask about the best holiday spot they ever visited.