In this ever evolving world of ours, some things have managed to remain constant since time immemorial. The love of men and boys for funny questions is one of them. We could tell you how to break the ice with a guy. But why do that when you could melt that ice with warm, whimsical, whack and wholesome humor?

These are just some funny questions to ask a guy, if you want to initiate a conversation on a light and playful note. Also, you won’t have to worry about a great delivery on your question. This isn’t stand-up comedy. So you can choose your pick and brace yourself for some rib tickling tryst hopefully.

Here’s the list of 22 funny questions to ask a guy:

1) Would you eat cerelac for the rest of your life, if you were paid $1000 for it everytime?

Even if he might seem like an intense grizzly bear, he might find it hard to hold it in with a cerelac.

2) What’s cooler, using a moustache as a petit goatee or the goatee as a moustache?

Catch him by surprise and his hysteria will be your grand prize.

3) Which of these is a better travel companion, a rubber duckie or a fluffy platypus?

Sometimes, the way to a man’s heart is through his preferred toy.

4) What is the most embarrassing thing you can ask a waiter at a restaurant?

Manners maketh man. Men maketh funny situations. This is something you both can equally enjoy and bond over.

5) For a dating profile, would you rather put a picture of yourself pouting or use a bunny filter?

First he will wonder, next he will visualize, then he will chuckle and finally he will answer. Understand the chronology and enjoy the sight of him going through the process.

6) Would you prefer being a chef with 3 legs or a footballer with 3 hands?

This would be a cool way to know his interests and if he has a whack mind.

7) If you were walking down the street, would you prefer being chased by a jungle cat or a mountain wolf?

Just the traditional cat-person, dog-person question with a bit of a dramatic giggle worthy twist.

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8) Would you be like being imprisoned inside a humongous plate of loaded chicken nachos or a super sized bowl of cheesy fries?

Matters of food always make conversations goof. Wait! We meant good, but goof works too.

9) What’s better, being a father to 3 Kangaroos or being a Kangaroo with a human father?

The humor quotient in this question is really capable of jumping out in its possible answers.

10) If you could eat only one of a Pineapple Burger or a Broccoli Pizza for the rest of your life, which one would you choose?

Sometimes, there’s no delicious dilemma. But he just might appreciate the hilarity in it.

11) What are the 3 things you’re willing to do for 3 million dollars?

One of those questions where you can learn his boundaries and funny mind at the same time.

12) If you could be paid for a stupid skill, what would that skill be?

Learning about a guy’s sillier side is almost always a fun ride.

13) What do you think is the dumbest business idea ever?

You know what they say, “being funny is serious business”.

14) Which would be the funniest injury you could get?

This could very well help you get an idea of his pain threshold in a rib tickling manner.

15) If the only way to live was to replace one of your eyes with a dandelion or cotton candy, what would you choose?

There are a few things as beautiful as bonding over a really wacky thought.

16) Which of these would be a stronger weapon in a fight, a bag of almonds or potato chips?

A battle of snacks. A test of wits. The answer could be nutty or it could be crisp.

17) If you had to choose between a Koala and a little Panda to accompany you on a covert space force mission, who would you choose?

When you ask the cutest of creatures to compete, you’ll surely be at the edge of your seat.

18) What would you choose between fingers made of pinecone and feet made of seashells?

It’s okay to put someone in a hard spot to make them crack!

19) Which brand’s tagline do you think sums up your life?

This one might take some time. He might even have to make something up. But if he doesn’t break into laughter when the answer occurs to him, you’ll surely make him smile.

20) What are the funniest things a groom can say at the wedding altar?

We figured, we’ll give you a question where the answers and giggles can keep pouring.

21) What’s the dumbest thing you could get arrested for?

A good way to take a peek inside his mind.

22) Which two different animals would make a really odd couple?

Thoughts of contrasting escalations with the animal kingdom are almost always a safe bet.

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