The power and magic of humor cannot be understated. Want to sweep your crush off her feet, there are fewer surefire ways of doing that than by making her laugh. Most women in the world, if not all of them, find humor a pretty attractive quality in men. We get that it might not always be everyone’s cup of tea, but we’re here to wing you and just break the ice.

So follow this list of 22 funny questions to ask a girl:

1) If you were a woodchuck, how much wood would you chuck?

This is a classic example of twisting the tongue twister to come up with something slapstick. There is no good, bad, right or wrong answer to this question. Whatever comes next should be fun.

2) What’s the stupidest thing you could say at a job interview?

Let the grinning and thinking begin. You’re on the right track there!

3) Would you rather be the president of a kingdom full of sleepwalkers or work full-time as a sleepwalker in another kingdom?

Does this make sense? No. Does this allow a girl to be flabbergasted? Yes. Can it break the ice in an absolutely hilarious way? Double yes!

4) What’s the dumbest name you could give to a baby boy?

Isn’t this a great way to tickle and stimulate someone’s funny bones?

5) Would you rather be reborn as a fluffy toy or a beanbag?

Anyone who says cuteness can’t be funny doesn’t really understand the way of the world.

6) If it were raining cats and dogs, would you adopt them, open your umbrella or just enjoy the view from your window?

Asking someone if they’re a cat lover or a dog lover is way too mainstream. Here’s one way of putting a chucklesome twist to it. Just use a popular existing phrase and repackage it.

7) Would you prefer being a groupie to your favorite band or the private security that keeps the groupies away?

Just another interesting way to get some casual perspective, since we all have our favorite bands and artists. This could simply bring some giggles along the way too.

8) Are you more of a reindeer walker or the reindeer itself?

Keep it light and things will be alright. We all think of different animals and relate to their characteristics in various ways. This one is just more specific, along with a real and weird job that exists.

9) Would you rather live in an animal’s body or have some abilities of an animal?

The animal kingdom almost always works. This is also a good way to understand what kind of fantasies people have.

10) If you could be paid for a useless skill of yours, which one would it be?

Something personal, something light-hearted and something fun. What could go wrong?

11) Would you prefer being a powerful android or a mad scientist who creates androids?

Now this could evoke a smile just as well as it could get her fascinated.

12) If Frankenstein and Mickey Mouse were just sitting on your tree, what would you think honestly?

Come on! That is a goofy escalation that even we can’t be sure how to feel about. The thought of such contrasting personalities sitting on a tree can be funny.

13) Would you prefer being sticky all the time or itchy?

This is a great way to get her funny bone tingling and make her wonder at the same time.

14) If you could kill two birds with one stone, which two birds would they be?

A bit dark but hilarious nonetheless. Also, a good way to know if she dislikes any particular species of birds.

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15) Can you live with just one ear or would you prefer having just one eye instead?

Here we go back to basics. If you let your imagination freely flow, there are so many funny scenarios that can be created within the question.

16) What’s easier to fight, a duck sized frog or 100 frog-sized ducks?

One of those questions where you have to put zero effort on delivery. Just the escalatory nature of the thought should give way to giggles.

17) If a vegetable had to replace your hands, which one would you prefer?

Observe her expressions change into a smirk and then let her creative juices flow.

18) What’s the worst thing you could eat before entering an elevator full of people?

We can’t say for sure if she’ll smell this coming from a mile away. But it could very well make for a good moment of chuckle.

19) What’s more fashionable, clothes made of lettuce or banana leaves?

Surely this must’ve been an experimental thought in someone’s mind, right?

20) Funniest place and time to start dancing?

The reaction for this could be anything from a grin to downright rolling on the floor and laughing. Who knows, you guys might even bond at the answer.

21) Would you prefer being a toilet paper designer or a teddy bear surgeon?

What happens when you’re asked to choose between two whack jobs? A fun conversation, we hope!

22) What’s the weirdest toppings you can add to Nachos?

One of those questions which can come with answers that make you laugh and squirm alike. Especially if you love nachos.

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