The thing about the word ‘Funny’ is that it’s very subjective. What makes someone else cringe could just as well make you laugh. You know what works best with your friends. At the same time, annoying our friends with weird and silly questions bring a joyous sense of satisfaction that remains unmatched. If anything, the funny questions, bantering and idiotic moments are what truly strengthen the bond.

Also, let’s get real here. At some point, you and your friends are bound to be in a position where you’re just bored. Not necessarily in each other’s company. More so in general.

So if you ever find yourself in a position where you want to crank the mood up with your buddies, here are some random funny questions to ask your friends when bored.

1) Why does your face look like that?

Good friends are good to each other. Great friends remind each other how their face is an abomination (even if it’s not true). Bantering is always fun.

2) How many people do you think died before humans learnt to swim?

Grim and funny. If you’re not laughing, you’re giggling. If you’re not giggling, you’re at least smiling.

3) Which celebrity do you think would have the weirdest browser history?

Now this is one to wonder about.

4) Can I borrow some money and promise to pay you back without meaning it?

Depending on your relationship with your friend, this question can go in so many different directions. Most of them having the final destination of hilarity.

5) What do you think was going on through the mind of the person who discovered animals as a source of milk?

Seriously though. Who did that and why?

6) Is it better to steal a candy from a baby or a baby from a candy?

When it comes to babies, there’s a fine line between what’s right and what’s funny.

7) When was the last time you took a shower?

We always love to assume the worst of our friends and this is just another funny way to keep the tradition and light mood going.

8) Which tagline should a brand steal from another brand to make their brand funnier?

Oh there’s so much to play around with here.

9) If you had a dollar for everytime someone told you how stupid you are, would you consider spending that money to become smarter?

Life is temporary. Bantering with friends is too. So make every moment count.

10) I learned a cool trick. Can I show you how to clap with just one hand?

Statutory warning. This depends on the kind of relationship you share with your buds. Also, a smarter friend will slap you before you can do the deeds yourself.

11) What would you do if a dog starts talking to you in human language?

If history proves anything, whackier the question you ask your friend, whackier is the answer.

12) Do you think funerals should have stand-up comedy shows?

A little dark but could be profound nonetheless. Could very well get your friend cracking.

13) Who would be a better jailmate, Hannibal Lecter or Ted Bundy?

Your friend might just as well make the moment funny by getting flabbergasted, before answering.

14) Which could be the worst song to wake up to everyday?

You’re definitely on the right track to tickling some funny bones.

15) Want to see who can drink more milk?

This will be especially funny if your friend is lactose intolerant.

16) Could you date someone that’s just a hotter version of you?

Doesn’t matter which gender your friend prefers, this must have crossed their mind.

17) Why are characters in horror movies so dumb that they always split up even when they’re in trouble?

A question that’s a cliche yet thought provoking. Situationally, it can be a giggle garnerer.

18) Oh come on, why did you do that?

Master the art of being random, and one day, you might harness the power of hysteria.

19) What do you think is the funniest invention in the history of mankind?

Just one of those ways in which you can get both the mind and the mood rolling.

20) Which celebrities do you think will make the weirdest presidents?

Get your creative juices flowing and let the game of chuckles begin.

21) How many people do you think tried to fly before our ancestors realized we can’t?

Something to keep you mentally and humorously stimulated.

22) Which kind of place do you think we shouldn’t be allowed in?

Ahh! Humour driven by self-inquiry.

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